Workout Bands

Discover the trend that is sweeping gyms and social media channels around the world. Our workout waist bands are essential for the ultimate workout experience. Workout bands are a style of waist trainer constructed specifically for use during vigorous movement. They can handle heavy sweating and intense activity. In fact, workout waist bands will help you sweat harder, so that you can maximize the results of your exercise and training.

No matter what social media platform you prefer, you’ve probably seen the workout trend that has swept the world: workout bands, also called workout waist trainers. Whether you want to snap selfies of your progress or keep your journey a little more personal, a workout band can be an essential piece of anyone’s slim down journey. It will help you sweat harder during your workouts and maintain a straight posture whether you’re running, lifting, or doing a mix of strength training and cardio.

While you can wear them as part of an everyday waist training regimen, for the best results we recommend that you reserve workout waist trainers for workout routines. They are cut and constructed slightly differently than everyday waist trainers. Plus, unlike waist trainers that are made to hide under your clothes, many of our workout bands are designed to be shown off with our brightest prints, colors and even metallic fabrics. Once you start wearing them, they get addictive! We’ll bet you won’t stop at just one.