Say goodbye to “beer gut” and “dad bod”— these waist trainers for men conceal unwanted bulk around your torso. Use them during workouts or when you want to dress to impress. If you want additional compression for the chest and support for the back, check out the vest styles.

Whether you want to amp up your workouts, improve your physique or make your clothes fit better (or all three!), a men’s waist trainer can do it all. With a band style, you’ll flatten and firm your gut while supporting your back, so you can stand straight and lean. If you want compression and support for your chest and upper back too, a vest style will suit you well and result in a firmer, flatter chest.

Some guys like to wear waist trainers under their clothes for the improved fit, which can be especially flattering under tailored suits. Waist trainers for men also work well as workout gear, as the firm compression will help you sweat harder and boost the intensity of your workouts.