A longtime favorite of Latin Americans, the faja waist trainer is a clever little garment that wraps around the midsection to trim and tone your tummy instantly. It features hook-and-loop closures much like a bra so you can reduce its size as your midsection slims down over time. See for yourself why the faja waist trainer is making waves in the shapewear world — shop our faja body shapers today.


The word “faja” literally translates to “belt” or “wrap,” and that’s exactly what the faja does. Fajas come in many different strengths and styles to give various amounts of compression to the midsection.

While the media has recently taken a liking to fajas, we here at Hourglass Angel have been fans of these sculpting garments for years. We are proud that so many of our longtime best-sellers are fajas.

Hailing from South America, both the Waist Cincher and the Waist Cincher Miracle Vest by Squeem cinch the waist to create seductive, natural-looking curves. In addition, the Faja Reductora Workout Waist Trainer by Ann Chery 2023 is always a popular waist slimming option and renowned for its flexible support.

One of the newest names in the shapewear spotlight is the Leonisa brand. The Slimming Waist Cincher Shaper slims the midsection while offering incredible comfort to the wearer.

Whether you’re looking for firm compression or something with lightweight control, you’re sure to find the right faja for your specific needs and goals here at Hourglass Angel. Shop with us today and discover a sexier, more beautiful you.