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When shopping for waist trainers, it’s helpful to narrow down your search by the waist trainer categories that best suit your needs. You can browse our whole selection of high quality garments, or refine your search by waist training styles including those for workouts, vests, corsets, latex-free, men’s, and accessories.


It’s a challenge to make a selection when there are so many great options! While we have carefully curated our entire selection of high quality waist trainers, we can help you narrow down your search for the perfect waist trainer by suggestions a few waist trainer categories.

Workout waist trainers are a great place to start as a beginner and, as the style would imply, are effective at amplifying your workouts. Waist training vests provide the same results as waist training bands, with the added benefits of extra support for the bust and smoothing coverage over the bra line and upper back. If you want to take your waist training to the next level and get dramatic slimming results, steel-boned corsets are the way to go. Sensitivity to latex? While many of our most popular styles use a latex core for compression, you can still get dramatic results with latex-free styles. And don’t forget, waist training isn’t just for women! Take a look at our favorite waist trainers for men. Lastly, to get the most out of your waist training experience, be sure to check out our waist training accessories.