When dressing up for a special event, bustier bras are a tried and true solution underneath strapless styles. While many strapless bras are notorious for sliding down and lacking in support, bustier bras stay in place and provide a bust lift that will stay in place for hours. These are ideal for weddings as well as proms, galas and other formal events.

Whether it’s because they need strapless support for a formal affair or just want something special to show off on a special night, many women find themselves turning to the the classic style and function of a bustier bra. Taking many forms, you may see this garment executed as a bridal bustier, strapless bustier or, more casually, a bustier top. The bustier bra is one of the most essential and ultimately elegant women’s foundational garments. Extending from the bosom to the hip, this garment has many features that are similar to a corset, such as flexible boning, but typically no busk or lacing, making them easier to wear. A bustier bras job is to offer support rather than compression. Many bustier bras feature detachable garters and feminine detailing such as lace. We carry a wide variety of bustier bras, servicing the needs of bridal and formal wearers, as well as women who desire these garments simply as a lingerie piece.

Brides are among the most common wearers of bustier bras. The support and smoothing of a garment such as the Low Back Strapless Bustier By VaBien 1508 make an ideal companion to a strapless wedding dress. Other items such as the Formal Chic Ultra Lift Seamless Bustier By Va Bien 1503 have ultra thin foam padding throughout to create a smooth silhouette on your special day. The Longline Smooth Strapless Bra by Dominique 8541 includes detachable garters, which are a plus for weddings and any other occasion you want to make special.