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Delfin Spa

Delfin Spa has created one of the most revolutionary and effective product lines now commercial available to reduce the appearance of cellulite. Based in Alpharetta, GA with operations in Vista, Delfin garments, such as the Bio-Ceramic Anti-Cellulite Capris (DS20) and the Bio-Ceramic Anti-Cellulite Shorts (DS01) utilize a high tech substance called Bio-Ceramic Material. This material lines the interior of their garments and supports an overall plan for weight loss and shaping. Here’s how it works. Your body creates an energy called Far Infrared Rays through the metabolism. Teams of scientists studying the application of these ceramics for the body found that they could help generate FIR at low temperatures and at the same wavelength as the human body.

We now know that Bio-Ceramics reflect the body’s own Far Infrared Rays. That means that when you wear the Delfin Spa garments, you create and reflect more of these waves that you would on your own, increasing your own natural thermal activity. This effect encourages the reduction of water and helps you flush toxin accumulations in the body. The infrared heat also helps micro-circulation to ‘flush’ these impurities. These items work best when combined with the Delfin Spa Anti-Cellulite cream. The garments allow the cream to permeate into subcutaneous layers of the skin. The cream penetrates deep into the skin and reduces the visible appearance of cellulite. Delfin Spa garments are extremely comfortable and fit easily under your regular clothes. Most of us struggle with cellulite. While there is no cure, Delfin has produced a collection effective tools to reduce cellulite’s visible appearance.