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Adhesive Bras

When you’re faced with a particularly challenging neckline in a garment or backless design, but still require the support of a bra, you may turn to an adhesive bra or adhesive strapless bra for help. Choosing the best adhesive bra is important to insure that you get the proper amount of support and shaping that you need, while the bra remains invisible. This style of garment utilizes medical grade adhesive, usually silicone, to stick the cups of the bra directly to the bust rather than using straps or wings to hold it in place. Some adhesive products in this section don’t use cups at all, but adhere to the bust and provide lifting and/or nipple coverage. The important thing to know about adhesive bras is that they really do work and come in a variety of styles with accompanying functions so that you are sure to find one in this section that will meet your needs.

One of the most popular and effective adhesive bras in the world is the NuBra Seamless (NBSeamless). This is an essential tool for backless and strapless pieces, with cups that meet in the center with a front closure. The NuBra Feather Lite takes the top notch support and adhesion of the original and puts it in an ultra lightweight package. One of the coolest adhesive bras on the market is the aptly named Magicups by Braza S/7000. This garment has the unique feature of an adjustable swivel gore that allows you to customize fit and create cleavage. If you’re looking for support or coverage without the cup, we love the Breast Lift Tape from Hollywood Fashion Secret. It’s a great option when you just need a little invisible shaping. And to prevent nipple show through you must see the Petal Tops by Braza. These are also a great companion to unlined bras and sheer ensembles.