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Convertible Bras

Convertible bras are an absolute essential of any intimate wardrobe. Perhaps you have wondered: what is a convertible bra? A convertible bra has straps that may be arranged to accommodate the neck or back design of the clothing you are wearing. Some of these garments can be converted to become strapless convertible bras. The straps are worn one of six ways: conventional, halter, one-shoulder, off-the-shoulder, criss-crossed, and strapless, though not all convertible bras allow all of these options for arrangement. This is an excellent style of bra to choose if you want the option of wearing it with many different garments. Convertible bras come in many shapes and forms, so let’s take a look at the selection.

One of our favorite convertible pieces the Bra of the Year by Felina 5312. This is an incredibly versatile bra, making it a staple of many women’s wardrobes. Its plunge design creates ideal support for extremely low cut garments and it includes an extra set of clear straps, which can come in handy. The Natori Zen Floral Contour Cami Bra 134020 is a wonderfully unique piece. Its lace jacquard layer gives a sexy bit of sheer coverage to the cleavage area. If you’d prefer a plunge from this line, allow us to recommend the Natori Sheer Convertible Ultra Light Contour Plunge 132005. Its ultra light contour cups and deep set center gore make it virtually invisible under anything you wear. And of course the Bahamas T-shirt Bra by Lunaire #21311 is an ideal piece to wear with a t-shirt, sweater or any garment you’d like to prevent show through under.