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Unlined Bras

Women wear unlined bras for many reasons: some simply seek a comfortable bra, some like the sexiness of a sheer unlined bra, some like to have only the lightest layer. Whether you’re looking for a bralette or an unlined underwire bra, we stock a large selection of unlined bras that meet your needs from comfort to style. Unlined bras take as many forms as one can imagine. Some are completely softcup and contain no wire along with no padding or lining. These may make ideal sleeping bras or casual leisure bras. Others may contain an underwire for support and shaping of the bust. Some unlined bras have cups woven into them with support bands. Many unlined bras are unadorned, but there are plenty of lacy options if that is your preference. Let’s take a look at the unlined bras in this section of the store.

One of the prettiest and most comfortable options to check out if you are interested in a bra without a lining is the Lace Kiss Bralette by B.tempt'd 910182. This gorgeous piece gives moderate support and makes a sexy overnight option. Moms to be and recent moms often love the sheer and soft support of an unlined bra. The Easy Bra by Majamas 08-2500 adds stretch to the mix and the result is one of the most popular maternity bras in the market. Think an unlined bra can’t pack a lot of support? Try the Specialized Posture Corrector Bra by Co’Coon 2196 and think again. And of course if you’re looking for something a little more lacy, you will love the Emily Unlined Full Busted Bra by Felina 19004 with its sheer sexy style.