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Whether you’re having surgery for cosmetic or medical reasons, the time immediately following your procedure can be difficult, often pain and recovery time are lessened by the use of a compression body suit. Post-surgery compression garments may help reduce inflammation, pain, swelling and other discomforts that can accompany any kind of medical procedure. Use of compression garments after tummy tuck are a very commonly recommended follow up step. If you have been wondering what is the best compression shaper for you after your surgery, we have many fine options to review with your physician and choose from. Whether you are recently recovering from liposuction, abdominoplasty or breast augmentation, we have a garment that is custom created to relieve discomfort and help your body bounce back.

One of the first names to know in post-surgical compression is Marena. Marena’s Comfortwear line is of the very highest quality in the marketplace. Marena garments feature 45, all-direction compression and meet the criteria set forth by Invista Coolmax for its drying and cooling effects when you wear them. Anti-microbrial fabric prevents mildew and inhibits harmful growth in the fabric. And best of all they offer a wide range of styles to suit your needs. The Marena Surgical Bra with 2" Elastic Band by Comfortwear B2 is perfect for mastectomy or breast augmentation wearers. The Second Stage Marena Support Girdle with No Legs by Comfortwear LGA2 is an ideal piece for tummy tucks. The First Stage Marena Suit with Suspenders and Medium Legs by Comfortwear FBM is a wonderful option for large scale liposuction recipients. And of course Marena isn’t the only line we carry. The Strapless Powernet Shaper by Ann Chery #1044 would be a great option for many midsection procedures. And the Celebrity Style Body Shaper by Leonisa 018674 has become popular all over the world with post-surgical wearers for its comfort, coverage and compression.