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Maximum Control

Our maximum control shapewear section is the place to go if you have tried firm control shapewear and want to see even more dramatic effects or if you want immediate and dramatic slimming with support for sizing down. All of the compression body shapers in this section will slim and shape the midsection, creating an hourglass shape. Some of the items in this section extend the coverage, offering full body enhancement control. And of course you will find the original, classic maximum control shaper, the genuine corset.

If you’re looking to support long term slimming and sizing down with a maximum control body shaper, without a doubt, you should consider the SlimVest by Squeem (26J) and the SlimBand by Squeem (26C). These cinchers (in band and vest form) are among the most popular shaping garments currently available for a very good reason. They are highly effective as a slimming aid, while supporting the back, increasing thermal activity in your core an creating an overall longer leaner look. The Brocade Styled Waist Cincher by Squeem (26F) wraps similar shaping in a pretty pink package. Our most dramatic all body shaper is the aptly named Butterfly by Squeem (26JB). This is not a garment for a casual shapewear-er. This complete body makeover is the item you want when you need dramatic results right now. And of course the original, perfect (and of course sexiest) shaping garment is the genuine steel boned corset. We sell many fine options, but the Black Cashmere Underbust Corset by Timeless Trends (W-03) and Nude Underbust Corset by Timeless Trends (N-01) are two essential pieces that any tight lacing or corset fan should own. Perfect for sizing down and made to last, with a little maintenance, these pieces will last and shape your midsection into a beautiful hourglass waist for many years to come.