Back Me Up Spare Corset Lacing By Hourglass Angel HA1006


This is a final sale item. There are no returns or exchanges.

Our corsets are high-quality waist slimming garments that are built to last a long time and adjust to the wearer’s size even as she slims down. But what about the laces? Since corsets are designed to provide firm compression by using laces at the back, those laces undergo tremendous pressure. Over time, they can start to fray or even snap, particularly where they rub against the corset’s eyelets. Fortunately, you don’t have to replace a whole corset when your corset lace breaks. This spare corset lacing will replace your original lacing and give you the optimal results you want in your corset.

This performance lacing is designed to hold tension and will replace the lacing on any of our corsets. You’ll receive two laces so you can tie your corset at the middle. Start one ribbon at the top and the other at the bottom and lace the corset the way you would tie your shoes. Pull the corset tight at the middle where they meet and tie it off. It will be as good as new so you can enjoy your corset’s full life.


  • Replaces broken or frayed lacing on your corset
  • Extends the life of your corset
  • Makes your corset look newer


  • Two high quality laces
  • Designed to replace original lacing on Hourglass Angel corsets