Dark Skinny Butt-Lifting Jeans by Bon Bon Up 3807


A firm, round butt and legs for days — what's not to love? Trust us, these jeans do not disappoint.
– The Hourglass Angel Team

Dark wash skinny jeans are a closet staple year-round, and especially in the fall and winter months when they can be paired with draping tops and sweaters. You’re going to be wearing jeans anyway, so why not have some that make your butt look its best? That’s exactly what butt-lifting denim does: it firms and lifts the butt naturally, while flattening the tummy and smoothing out your hips and thighs. With a round rear and legs for days, you can maximize your poise and confidence in so many different outfits.

Wondering how it works, without padding or shapewear? The seams and stitching on this pair of jeans are round (instead of flat, like most jeans), creating a fuller appearance. And the stretchy, tight denim in a dark wash make your legs look long and smooth. Pair these with heels or wedges for a jaw-dropping silhouette.



  • Naturally creates a firm and roud butt
  • Creates smoother thighs and hips
  • Slims the waist and lower abdomen while preventing muffin top
  • Creates and enhances curves for all body types


  • Brazilian style rounded seams
  • Tummy-minimizing waistline
  • Skinny fit
  • Stylish back pocket stitching

Size Chart: Compare your measurements (in inches) on the size chart below to find the best size for you.