Dark Skinny Butt-Lifting Jeans by Bon Bon Up 3811


We love the way these black jeans effortlessly create a sleek and sexy look with long legs and a full butt.
– The Hourglass Angel Team

Black jeans are a must-have in every woman’s wardrobe these days, for creating a sleek look in a variety of styles. So why not wear a pair that also enhances your curves? These black butt-lifting jeans with a high waist will make your legs look long and lean, while helping your backside look firm and full. The secret for natural curve enhancement is the Brazilian technique of round stitching at the rear. Paired with stretchy denim that slims the hips and flattens the tummy, you've got a no-fail pair of jeans.

There are so many ways to style black denim. To enhance the elongating effect even further, pair them with your favorite heels or ankle booties and a flirty crop top that shows off your slimmer midsection and fuller butt.



  • Lifts and enhances the rear
  • Slims the tummy, thighs and hips
  • Prevents muffin top
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Elongates the legs


  • Rounded seaming for natural curve creation
  • High waist cut
  • Stretchy denim for a skinny fit


Size Chart: Compare your measurements (in inches) on the size chart below to find the best size for you.