Waist Trainer Extender By Hourglass Angel HA1008


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Each extender is 30 cm long and the hooks are 1.7 cm apart, so you can ensure that it fits with your waist training garment. Attach the hooks on the back to the desired row of hooks on your waist trainer. Then fasten the waist trainer at the desired level of compression. You’ll get the same great results of a slim waist, a flat belly and a smooth foundation for your attire.


Extend the life and fit of your waist trainer, especially if you have plans to size down significantly. Most waist trainers have 2–3 rows of hook-and-eye closures that you can use to tighten your garment. However, if you expect to change size significantly, or if you want to create more room in the waist trainer for any reason, you’ll love having more options! Use this extender to create more room for your garment to size down with you.


  • Give your waist trainer three more size options
  • Provides more room for sizing down without needing to switch your garment
  • Extends the life of your waist trainer to adjust sizes


  • Three rows of eyes
  • Hooks on the back that attach to your waist trainer