Waist Trainer Liner By Hourglass Angel HA1007


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Enjoy all the benefits of waist training with optimum comfort and extend the life of your waist trainer all at the same time. This waist trainer liner absorbs and wicks away moisture, keeping your skin cool and dry and preventing chafing, while your waist trainer (sold separately) does its work and heats of your core. The waist trainer liner also protects your waist trainer from the natural oils of your skin or any cosmetics you’re wearing, which helps it stay fresh and clean.

This liner is cut below the bust and extends to the hips. It provides a soft, comfortable foundation for any waist trainer, whether you’re working out or wearing one under your everyday attire. Since it’s strapless, it’s also discreet if you want to wear your waist trainer comfortably with a strapless top. It stays in place underneath your waist trainer, giving your skin the coverage it needs without sliding around or bunching up.


  • Wicks away moisture from the skin when worn under a waist trainer
  • Protects skin from chafing
  • Protects the waist trainer from oils and cosmetics
  • Keeps the waist trainer cleaner and extends its life


  • Provides full coverage from below the bust to the hips
  • Moisture-wicking fabric
  • Stay-in-place bands
  • Waist trainer sold separately