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It’s hard to imagine a time when maternity clothes were made to cover up our pregnancy curves rather than support and celebrate them. Maternity style and pregnancy fashion certainly have come a long way since the days of the tent sized dresses our mothers and grandmothers wore. Now chic mamas are all the rage! But keeping up with all the changes that a body goes through when you’re expecting and after you’ve finally received your bundle of joy can be difficult. Fortunately there’s a whole new crop of brands and garments that are perfect for women in every stage of motherhood, insuring that your style never has a “pregnant pause.” And best of all, some of these items can even help you on your way to recovering your pre-pregnancy body.

One of the most popular tools for baby bodies in transition in recent years has been the belly band. While wrapping the post-birth belly is nothing new, it sure is a lot easier with the innovation of items such as the Original Belly Bandit (OR-B). This adjustable band gives support and compression, aiding in post-birth recovery. There’s a reason it’s become one of the most popular post-natal products. And if you loved the performance and styling of the Belly Bandit, you’ll love the Mother Tucker Compression Tank by Belly Bandit (MT-VN). This slimming tank looks as great as it feels. It’s one of our mommy must-haves. Need a little extra support? The Maternity Brief Panty by Anita (1502) is just the thing you’ve been looking for. And when it’s time to nurse, essentials from our intimates selection such as the Momamia Nursing Bra by Elle Macpherson Intimates (E71-740) and the Nursing Bra Nightgown by Glamourmom (K3-044) insure that feedings are a breeze... and oh so stylish.