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Belly Bandit

After introducing the the first-ever commercially available compression wrap of its kind for new moms, Belly Bandit created a whole range of maternity and post-partum solutions, quickly becoming a must have brand across the globe. Their Belly Bandit bands including the Original Band (OR-B) and the Bamboo Belly Bandit (BA) encourage recovery of post-baby bodies, helping brand new mamas regain their pre-pregnancy shape, while providing comfort, encouraging health and supporting their self-confidence. The original Belly Bandit products were so popular that soon even celebrity moms like Angelina Jolie and Gwen Stefani were using them. Eventually Khloe Kardashian created her own signature wrap. All of the Belly Bandit compression bands include medical-grade, latex-free construction, so that everyone can benefit from their reshaping and support.

Belly Bandit soon expanded the line to include new, but equally effective solutions to the most common complaints of their customers. The Mother Tucker line of clothing includes items such as the Mother Tucker Nursing Tank Top (MT-NT) and the Mother Tucker Compression Tank by Belly Bandit (MT-VN). This apparel line was created to provide chic, top quality garments that make breastfeeding and new mommy bodies a breeze. Next, like the Belly Bandit, their Bosom Bandit takes an age old technique and makes it convenient and comfortable for ladies on the go. This breast band assists lactating women when it is time to slow or suppress the flow of milk, eliminating the need for difficult sports bras and bandage wraps. And last but not least, the B.D.A. Pants (BDA), standing for “Before, During and After,” have become a favorite for their adjustable design, which makes them a classy, comfy option no matter what stage of motherhood you’re in. Belly Bandit is one of the maternity lines that has achieved popularity, not because of hype, but because the products they make simply work. So, if you have tried one item from their collection, we encourage you to try another, as they are all constructed with the exemplary care and top notch design you’d expect.