20-Day Full-Figure Sculpting Challenge + Waist Training for Dramatic Results

Posted by by hourglass angel on Sep 17th 2016

20-Day Full-Figure Sculpting Challenge + Waist Training for Dramatic Results

Posted by by hourglass angel on Sep 17th 2016

Want to dramatically transform your figure in under three weeks? Whether you’re getting ready for a fall wedding or just want to kickstart your fitness routine, we’ve got the figure-sculpting challenge for you! Use this progressive waist training regimen in combination with fat-blasting workouts and watch a new you emerge by next month.

Ready for the challenge? Here is your waist training schedule, followed by a quick 20-minute HIIT circuit. Using the workout as scheduled should give you great results. Be sure to take before and after photos and share your results!

20 day waist training fitness plan

High-intensity drills in a circuit with interval rep sessions are one of the most effective ways to burn a lot of calories and get in shape fast.

This circuit contains 15 exercises and lasts 10 minutes. Do it twice to complete your workout. Be sure to warm up beforehand with some light cardio and cool down and stretch afterwards. For more details about this particular workout, check out Fitness Republic.

Waist training challenge

  1. Jumping jacks (60 seconds): keep your arms and legs strong as you jump at a fast past with controlled breathing while engaging your core.
  1. Side lunges (30 seconds): Standing with your feet shoulder-width apart, lunge to one side. Your working leg should lower to 90 degrees while your back is straight and your core is engaged. Repeat on the other side.
  1. Squats (30 seconds): With your feet shoulder-width apart and your weight evenly distributed on your feet, squat down. You’re your back straight, head up and arms in front of you. At the lowest point your legs should be at 90 degrees. Stand back up and repeat.
  1. Jogging in place (60 seconds): You can vary the intensity of this interval depending on how high you lift your feet. For variation, try doing high knees.

5: Burpees (30 seconds): Start in a standing position and, bending your knees, quickly squat low until your hands reach the floor just in front of your feet. Kick back into a plank and then right back to the squat. Return to standing and, reaching straight up with your hands, jump up powerfully, all with one motion. Repeat.

  1. Lunges (30 seconds): Stand with your feet shoulder-distance apart with your hands on your hips. Lunge forward with one leg until it reaches a 90 degree angle, with your knee directly above your ankle. Return to the starting position and alternate with the other leg.
  1. Jumping rope (60 seconds): During this interval, be sure to keep your back straight and your core engaged as you jump steadily.
  1. Mountain climbers (30 seconds): Start in a pushup position and kick your knees up towards your chin, one at a time. Move quickly and keep your hips up and body straight.
  1. Speed skaters (30 seconds): Jump from side to side. Use your arms and your non-jumping leg to help propel your movement, the way a speed skater would. Bend your knees slightly. It should all be one smooth movement.
  1. Butt kickers (60 seconds): As you jog in place, kick up your heels so that your foot hits your butt.
  1. Lunge kicks (30 seconds): Lunge forward, and once you have your balance, kick your back leg out in front of your body. Return it back to where it started and then step back to the starting position with your lunging leg. Alternate on each side.
  1. Squats (30 seconds): Repeat as described in #3.
  1. March in place (60 seconds): Catch your breath as you keep moving in this slower interval.
  1. Side lunges (30 seconds): Repeat as described in #2.
  1. Pushups (30 seconds): Keep your back straight and don’t sag your hips. Repeat as many times as possible. If you just can’t do another rep in a full plank, you can drop to your knees to lessen the weight.

Don’t forget to repeat this whole circuit twice! Be sure to rehydrate with plenty of water afterwards. And as always, we want to see your results! Share your photos and exercise feedback on Instagram with the tag #bethehourglass.