5 Ways to Burn Fat, Fast

Posted by hourglass angel on Jul 22nd 2016

5 Ways to Burn Fat, Fast

5 Ways to Burn Fat, Fast

Posted by hourglass angel on Jul 22nd 2016

The most effective fat-burning methods

One of the common questions we get regarding waist training is whether this practice can help you burn fat. While waist training isn’t directly “burning” fat (many waist trainers heat up your core and increase your perspiration during fitness activities), we find that many of our happiest customers are those who are using waist training to supplement a healthy lifestyle change.

If you want to get the most out of your waist training regimen, then we highly recommend implementing these simple lifestyle changes that will help you burn off the excess fat your body is storing.

  1. Strength Training

Many people, especially women, make the mistake of doing lots of cardio without any muscle strengthening, especially with weights. But don’t worry ladies—unless you are intentionally body building with extreme lifting and excessive protein, you are not going to “bulk up.” Strength training is important because it helps your body burn more calories even when you’re resting, while your muscles repair themselves. In other words: strength training increase your metabolic rate, which leads to fat loss. So don’t hesitate to pick up those dumbbells, at least 2–3 times a week (recommended with a waist trainer!). 

  1. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

This is a very effective way to do cardio versus running mindlessly on a treadmill. You alternate heart-pounding anaerobic intervals with short rest periods. It works because when your heart is pumping that hard, your body requires more oxygen during recovery—and you’ll burn more calories and fat for up to 24 hours after your workout (source). There are endless ways to do HIIT: running sprints, doing jump rope intervals, or plyometric circuits. Do it 2–3 times a week (we recommend this with a waist trainer, too!).

  1. Take in More Protein and Healthy Fats

That’s right: by now you should know that fat isn’t the enemy, as long as it’s the good kind. Protein is also essential if you’re doing HIIT and strength training so you can rebuild those muscles and improve your body composition. With a good balance of protein and fats you are going to feel fuller longer, with nutrient-dense calories. Healthy fats are unsaturated fats that come from natural foods like fish, nuts, olive oil, avocados and eggs. Good protein sources include lean meats, seafood, beans and limited dairy.

  1. Eat the Right Carbs

Carbs aren’t the enemy—your body needs them for energy. But you probably know that you aren’t doing your body any favors with excessive sugar and refined carbs. Stick to lots and lots of veggies and less starchy options like sweet potatoes and squash. When you eat them is also important. Try to eat carbs earlier in the day and around your workouts, but taper off by the end of the day so that they won’t be stored as fat.

  1. Be Calorie Smart

When you’re watching calories, you have to be careful to keep your metabolism steady. If you’re trying to reduce your caloric intake, do it gradually so that you don’t trigger your body to go into “starvation mode”—which will actually cause you to retain fat instead of losing it! Make small calorie reductions about once a week so your body can adjust to the changes. You’re also going to help your metabolism by consuming 5–6 small meals instead of three big ones.

A waist trainer can help you reduce portion size and prevent overeating because you won’t want to stuff yourself while you’re wearing one. Finally, vary your caloric intake each day. On some days eat more, while on other days eat less, again so that your metabolism won’t go into “starvation mode” because of a steadily lower intake each day (source).

Try these tips and you might be surprised just how easy it is to burn fat. Good luck!