Lessons from Our Customers: How You Inspired Us in 2016 #CURVECONFIDENTIAL

Posted by by hourglass angel on Dec 31st 2016

Lessons from Our Customers: How You Inspired Us in 2016 #CURVECONFIDENTIAL

Posted by by hourglass angel on Dec 31st 2016

Customer Lessons Hourglass Angel

Happy New Year to all of our customers and waist training fans!

Most people are taking some time right now to dream big and set some goals for the upcoming year (yep, you know that the gyms are going to be packed over the next few weeks). If you’re like us, you might also enjoy a time a reflection whenever the beginning of the year rolls around. It’s a time not just to make resolutions and change for the better, but also to be reflective and thankful. This helps us set meaningful goals as we look forward.

Here at Hourglass Angel, as waist training has surged in popularity, we have interacted with many women from around the world, of every shape, size and culture. As we look back, we can’t express how thankful we are for our customers and the community that we’ve been able to engage with online.

Hundreds of women have proudly posted #BeTheHourglass as they’ve watched their bodies and their confidence transformed. Their dedication to waist training and a healthier lifestyle is deeply inspiring, not just to us, but to others who see their results and feedback on our website and social media channels. Our stylists also speak every day to women who are looking for a change—to be the very best they can be, inside and out. It fills us with such joy knowing that we get to play a small part as they reach for their goals. So we give a heartfelt thanks, to every one of you!

We love providing you the waist trainers and other shapewear because of the way it makes you feel. Being beautiful is about so much more than physical appearance. Beauty isn’t defined by a particular size or shape; rather, it’s a reflection of an inner confidence when you embrace every inch of who you are. Every woman is uniquely beautiful, and we love being able to provide tools to make that uniqueness shine.

It seems appropriate that our call this year is #EmbraceYourCurves.

Embrace your curves, because your curves are what make the shapewear great. Embrace your curves, because when you do, you help us know how to help other women embrace theirs. Embrace your curves, because you’re beautiful uniquely.

As a thank you to our customers and to encourage your ongoing feedback, here are several ways that you have helped us, so that we can better help you.

  1. Reviews

The customer reviews on our website are so valuable, whether positive or negative. They help us understand the strengths and weaknesses of every garment, as well as to better understand what our customers are looking for. If a garment receives multiple 5-star reviews, then we know that it’s a keeper! If it has multiple instances of negative feedback, then we know that there’s a problem either in the way we’re presenting it or in the garment itself.

When you leave feedback, we truly appreciate it when you’re very specific about what you like or don’t like. We like to know your thoughts about the way it fit, they way it felt, the material, your comfort, and the results on your figure. For example, if many customers are reporting that a particular garment seems to run small, then we are going to test it further and make a note on the size chart and the garment description so that future customers can be aware.

We strive to curate and carry only the very best shapewear and waist trainers. If you don’t love it, we don’t want you to own it. Return it within 30 days, in its original condition, and we’ll be happy to process an exchange or refund.

From time to time we sell garments that our customers just aren’t crazy about. We need to know about it so that we don’t continue selling them, giving people lackluster results. Your feedback also guides us as we curate and create new garments based on what you really want and need.

So go ahead, leave an honest review, with as much detail as possible! And if you’ve already done so, thank you. You’re helping us make our shapewear collection even better.

  1. Customer Service

Did you know that we have a team of expert stylists just waiting to answer your call or message? We’re here for you, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you can’t figure out the answers to your questions! Everyone on our team is passionate about helping customers figure out exactly what they need so that they can feel stunningly confident sexy, no matter what their personal goals are.

We’ve had every conversation imaginable when it comes to shapewear. Sometimes customers need help figuring out what size and style they need, while other times they have all sorts of questions about the results they are expecting and experiencing.

These conversations have helped us figure out how to explain how to put a waist trainer on (because it’s not straightforward if you’ve never done it!). They’ve also made us aware of other common questions or concerns that people encounter when they start waist training. This helps us produce relevant content for our website and other material that can help customers make informed purchase decisions and get the most out of their orders. We can also modify our guidelines and policies to best serve their needs.

So thank you, if you’ve ever reached out to us, for helping us create a better experience for you! And if you ever have a question or comment, please don’t hesitate to connect!

  1. Social Media

It’s no secret we’re a little obsessed with Instagram around here, along with other platforms. It makes connecting with our customers and their friends so easy! Not only are we able to share information that we think is helpful if you’re trying to embrace your curves, but we are able to get immediate feedback, as well as see the incredible results that are customers are experiencing!

One of our favorite ways to connect with social media is through campaigns and challenges. Occasionally we’ll have a promotion that encourages women to stick to their waist training and fitness goals. It creates such fun community and inspiration when you’re able to participate in such a challenge and be inspired by what other people are doing.

Seeing photos is especially helpful as we can see waist trainers in action on every size and shape. We test all of our products thoroughly, and we like to think that our customers test them even further! Your photos and comments provide us with valuable feedback about the way our garments fit, if and how they are producing desired results, and what styles people prefer.

If you love waist training, we highly encourage you to share your experiences! Hey, if the Kardashians do it publicly, there’s no reason to keep it a secret, right? Not only will you help us with your feedback, but you’ll also be an inspiration to many other women of every shape and size. #BeTheHourglass #EmbraceYourCurves.

Dress for Success This Year

Needless to say, we’re thrilled to start a new year, anticipating the many lives we have a chance to impact. We hope to continue receiving your valuable feedback as we are always growing and changing as a company. We’ve got some exciting products and trends to unveil this year, and there’s no one better to share it with than all of you.

As you’re getting ready to embrace your curves this year, our biggest tip for you is: stick with it! You know that we love to share our customers’ success stories…but on the flip side there are some who aren’t able to achieve the desired results with waist training. The reason is because they don’t make goals and stick with them.

While we strongly believe that you should fully embrace your unique curves and who you already are, waist training or not, we also believe that everyone can push themselves. If you want to start waist training, make a commitment to yourself. If you skip a day, do it again the next day. If you fall out of the habit for a month, start again the next month. If you haven’t included workouts as part of your regimen, it’s never too late to start. If you had one too many “cheat meals,” hit the reset button and start fresh tomorrow.

Happy 2017!

To summarize, our customers have inspired us to believe than anyone and everyone can embrace their curves and make the most out of their waist training and shapewear experience. Whether you’re a first-time customer or a waist training champ, we hope that you continue to grow and to love your curves more and more. Keep giving us the feedback that we need and love to make our brand serve you even better. And lastly, continue seeking to inspire others with your journey. Stick with it, leave reviews, and share your progress so that other women can embrace their unique curves, this year and beyond.