7-Day Slim-Down Cleanse For Your Summer Body

Posted by by hourglass angel on May 7th 2016

7-Day Slim-Down Cleanse For Your Summer Body

Posted by by hourglass angel on May 7th 2016

7-day waist training detox diet and exercise plan

Are you starting to stress because bikini season is just around the corner? No need to worry—we've got a quick slim-down plan that will jumpstart your fitness for the summer.

This is a great way to start off the season because it helps your body detox. It might be a little challenging for the first day or two, but it will help you stop relying on caffeine, sugar and refined carbs for energy. Don't give up—you'll be amazed at how good you feel by the end! And then you can continue your slim-down all summer long as you keep up with your healthy habits.

Ready? All you need is your waist trainer and to stock up your home with whole, unrefined food.

Here are the rules:

  1. No added sugar (check labels!). This includes regular AND diet soda. Your beverages should be limited to water and only FRESH juice that you squeeze yourself.
  2. No bread—if you love sandwiches, use non-bread substitutes like cabbage leaves.
  3. No read meat: this includes all pork and beef.
  4. No alcohol.
  5. No caffeine.
  6. No pasta or white rice—try spiralizing your veggies instead!
  7. Eat citrus fruit daily to bolster immunity.
  8. Drink at least 96 ounces of water a day (6 bottles). It's a lot, but it will feel good!
  9. Work out for 30 minutes a day, mixing up cardio, strength training and stretching. Check out these videos for inspiration!
  10. Wear your waist trainer for at least 6-8 hours a day. Break the time up into shorter sessions if you need to.

For additional detox power, try infusing your water or seasoning your food with any of these add-ins:

  • Black pepper: breaks down fat cells
  • Apple cider vinegar: aids digestion and fat burn
  • Cucumber: tastes great and low calorie
  • Cranberry juice: aids in fat burning (just a dash in your water!)
  • Green tea: helps release excessive fat cells
  • Cardamom: fat burning power
  • Cumin: prevents the storage of excess fat
  • Parsley: helps flush out fat

For the most effective ab-strengthening workout, do an 8-minute routine with each of the following exercises. Complete each move for one minute, doing as many reps as you can within that period. Take a short break after the first 4 minutes and then repeat the whole sequence one more time:

  1. Side-crunch leg extension
  2. Leg extension crunches
  3. Plank twists
  4. Leg lifts

Be sure to take before and after pictures—you might be amazed at the results in such a short period of time. Tag us and use hashtag #bethehourglass on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook so we can see your progress!

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