7 Ways To Look Thinner When Sitting Down

Posted by by hourglass angel on Jul 16th 2013

7 Ways To Look Thinner When Sitting Down

Posted by by hourglass angel on Jul 16th 2013

Stand up straight! When we pose in front of a mirror, preparing for our day, we assess our look when we’re standing tall, looking our very longest and leanest. But for many of us, the majority of our day is spent sitting down. Sitting dramatically changes our shape. Often our posture shifts, as we sit in the most ideal pose in our chairs, spines lengthened. Sometimes when we sit, all of the sudden our beautiful standing shape takes a backseat too!

Fortunately we have some tools that can help create a better sitting shape, correct your posture support a slimmer midsection.


Looks 1&2 Power Up Your Back!


First, consider your back. Choosing a shaper with a high back will encourage you to sit straight in your chair, slimming you immediately. Many of our most popular products have this feature incorporated. In particular, our vest style garments are particularly effective in posture correction. For example, a maximum compression vest-style shaper like the SlimVest by Squeem or the Almighty Vest by AMIA supports the back, extending all the way over the shoulders, creating a gorgeous sitting shape. Both of these garments support weight loss when worn for over 30 days as well and may even help relieve back pain in some wearers.


Looks 3&4 Strengthen Your Posture!

Part-2If you like the control and posture correction of a maximum strength shaper, but want it packaged in something a little more pretty, consider adding a genuine steel boned corset to your collection. Start with something basic like the Silk Floral Underbust Corset by Timeless Trends. This piece can be worn under or over your clothes, trimming your tummy and supporting your back while sitting. If you’d like a splash of color in your curve creation, try the Purple and Black Silk Underbust Corset.


Looks 5&6 Reinforce Your Abdomen!


If a post-pregnancy poochie belly makes an appearance whenever you sit down is a concern, a body suit is a great place to start your search. The Diva Corselette by AMIA gives control from the underbust to the lower abdomen and comes with enough lingerie look detailing to make sure you feel as pretty as you look! And the pretty feminine detailing continues in the Eva Extra Firm Bodysuit by Vedette. Adorned with Valencian lace, this bodysuit is a great option with full midsection control.

Look 7 Fortify Your Every Day Appearance!


But if a bodysuit is more shaper than you’d like to wear on a daily basis, a brief may be the best option for you. A high waisted shaping brief, such as the Joane High Waist Open Bottom Enhancer by Vedette, trims your midsection and lower abdomen, while raising high enough over the waist to encourage better posture while sitting.

Take your best shape everywhere, whether you’re standing at a concert or sitting in the office. With the right shaper your midsection will always look slim and trim!