A Complete Guide to Waist Trainers, Waist Cinchers, Waist Trimmers and Corsets

Posted by hourglass angel on Jul 31st 2016

A Complete Guide to Waist Trainers, Waist Cinchers, Waist Trimmers and Corsets

A Complete Guide to Waist Trainers, Waist Cinchers, Waist Trimmers and Corsets

Posted by hourglass angel on Jul 31st 2016

Understanding waist trainers and waist-slimming shapewear

If you’re new to the world of shapewear and waist training, you may be a little confused by all the different types of garments available. But once you get familiar with how they all work, it’s not too difficult to understand which products and methods are best suited for your body and goals.

Here's a little glossary to help you understand your core options when it comes to slimming your waist:

  1. Waist Trainer

This is a general term used to describe a product that can be used as part of a waist training regimen. Waist training, by definition, is the practice of wearing a corset or waist cincher regularly to instantly slim your waist, while also supplementing a fitness goal of reducing your natural waist size.

High-compression waist trainers, generally constructed with latex and cotton lining, slim your waistline by 1 to 4 inches while you wear them. The latex also stimulates heat in your core, which increases perspiration during physical activity – so it's a great way to maximize workouts.

If you're considering a long-term waist-training regimen, we recommend creating a daily plan to wear your waist trainer for several hours (ultimately 8–12 hours a day once you’re in full swing).

  1. Waist Cincher

The term "waist cincher" is sometimes used synonymously with "waist trainer," so be sure to check the product description for specific features. But generally, we use the term "cincher" to describe waist-training garments that are designed for everyday wear: under work attire, with weekend outfits or basically any other clothes. Like workout waist trainers, these too are usually constructed with latex for optimal compression (although we do have very effective latex-free options). They also use flexible plastic boning to stay in place and two or three rows hook-and-eye clasps so you can adjust to the size you need.

Waist cinchers come in several varieties. Some are more ideal for workouts, while others are designed for everyday activities or special-occasion outfits.

  1. Waist Trimmer

"Waist trimmer" is a loose term that can describe any type of garment that slims or smooths your waistline. Most of our shapewear options have tummy-trimming features that will eliminate muffin top and create an ideal foundation for your wardrobe. These include shaping camis, shaping panties and a variety of bodysuits and shorts shapers. These garments are generally lighter and thinner than traditional waist trainers and thus provide less compression.

  1. Corset

A corset is a particular type of waist trainer that is often used as a special occasion garment. Corsets are constructed with steel boning for maximum compression and are tightened with laces. They are often very rigid and produce the most dramatic results. Using a corset versus a cincher is entirely a personal preference.

Need some help determining which garment is right for you? Give us a buzz! Our Shapewear Stylists are here to help you find the right shapewear for your body shape and goals.