Are Corsets Good for Weight Loss?

Posted by Hourglass Angel on Feb 27th 2019

Are Corsets Good for Weight Loss?

Posted by Hourglass Angel on Feb 27th 2019

If you’re trying to lose weight, you've probably considered all the usual strategies: fad diets, calorie tracking, insane gym routines.

But what about wearing a corset? Are corsets good for weight loss, or how exactly can they play a role in slim-down journey?

We hear a lot of questions about the effectiveness of wearing a waist-slimming garment for slimming down, because there is a lot of misinformation out there. Here’s the truth about what you can expect from wearing a corset.

What is a Corset?

Since there are a variety of waist-slimming garments available, it’s important to define what we mean when we refer to a corset.

Traditionally, corsets have been worn by women who want to create a dramatically slimmer waistline while they wear the garment. Lace-up corsets use a firm material to keep the shape of the bodice, while the laces hold it in place. The tighter you pull the laces, the tighter the corset will squeeze your midsection.

Today, the traditional lace-up corsets are often constructed with flexible steel boning. While you can get an overbust style, underbust corsets are more effective at slimming the waist.

Another corset style that has become popular in recent years is the latex cincher, otherwise known as a waist trainer. Unlike a lace-up corset, a waist trainer fastens in the front, typically with hook-and-eye or Velcro. Since they don’t use laces, they provide different levels of compression depending on which row of hooks you fasten them on, or how tightly to fasten the Velcro.

Some waist cinchers, called workout bands, are designed specifically for exercise. They are typically cut slightly short to give you more range of motion and are more durable, making them ideal for vigorous movement. Wearing a workout band during exercise helps you tuck in your tummy, straighten your back and stimulate heat in your core—which helps you sweat harder and effectively get a more intense workout.

For the purposes of this article, both the lace-up, steel-boned corsets and latex waist cinchers qualify as a “corset.” While they can produce slightly different results, they essentially do the same thing: provide compression around the midsection.

Using a Corset for Waist Training

Any conversation about corsets and weight loss is naturally going to involve waist training. Waist training is the practice of wearing a corset daily as a part of an overall lifestyle intended to help you slim down (a lifestyle that includes healthy eating and regular exercise).

To waist train effectively, you should wear your corset for at least eight hours a day, up to a maximum of twelve. You can approach this in various ways and with different garments. For example, you might want to wear a workout waist trainer when you go to the gym, a cincher for everyday wear, and a steel-boned corset when you want to get the most dramatic curves.

Waist training takes time to adjust to if you’re new to the practice. If you’ve never done it before, start wearing it for just an hour or two at a time. Gradually add a little bit of time in your waist trainer each day until you are comfortable wearing it all day. This typically takes several weeks. (Note: if using a steel-boned corset, be sure to season the corset before you tighten it all the way and start a waist training regimen with it.)

So, What about Wearing a Corset for Weight Loss?

Think of a corset as a supplement to your overall weight loss plan, which should absolutely include a consistent fitness routine and healthy eating.

Keep in mind that a big part of effective weight loss is mindset. You may find that wearing a corset can help you stay focused on your goals and motivated to follow through with your healthy lifestyle. For this reason, we highly recommend that you take weekly progress photos as you start your journey with waist training. These speak louder than numbers on the scale.

When you’re trying to lose weight, you’re not going to get very far without a sensible diet. We recommend a well-rounded diet rich in fruit and vegetables, lean proteins, and healthy fats. Avoid refined carbs and sugars and go for water instead of sugary drinks.

Eating 5-6 small meals a day rather than 3 large ones can also help you consume smaller portions and prevent overeating. Wearing a corset may encourage you to eat this way, since it is more comfortable when your midsection is constricted to eat smaller portions. Just don’t take this as a license to snack continuously! Plan your small meals in advance so that they are satisfying. Each meal should contain a balance of macronutrients so that you will feel full and energized.

Lastly, we strongly suggest that you incorporate a regular exercise routine with your weight loss plan. This routine can use a corset, of course. Wear a workout band waist trainer to intensify your workouts and sweat harder—not to mention feel great about your body image when your at the gym.

Be sure to check out the best workouts for waist trainers to maximize your results.

What Results to Expect

Convinced that you want to try waist training? The next logical question is how long it will take to see results.

It’s important to note that your results are going to vary depending on several factors, including how much you change your lifestyle, how consistent you are with wearing your waist trainer and exercising, your goals, your body type, starting weight and even genetic factors.

Again, a corset should supplement your overall slim-down journey – it should not be thought of a as a magic bullet.

If you are committed to a lifestyle change that includes wearing waist training, however, you will probably be pleased with what you see after a few weeks into the process. Women from various backgrounds have shared their results with waist training, and you can see in their photos how waist training helped them slim down.

Ready to give corsets a chance? Learn more about waist training and contact us if you need any help selecting your perfect waist-slimming corset for your journey.