Best Off-the-Rack Corseting Solutions for Under $70

Posted by by hourglass angel on May 15th 2018

Best Off-the-Rack Corseting Solutions for Under $70

Posted by by hourglass angel on May 15th 2018

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Corseting is a great way to take waist training to the next level and get a tightly cinched waist for an hourglass figure. For the most dramatic results, steel-boned corsets are the best way to go.

It's true that some high-quality corsets can be expensive. But when you know where to look, you can score a great deal on some of the best steel-boned corsets on the market.

Since we’re big fans of using steel-boned corsets for waist training, we developed our own line of affordable corsets that you can order off the rack and still get incredible results. Here’s everything you need to know about corseting and how to do it affordably and effectively.

Our Favorite Picks

First things first: our affordable, high quality corsets! Here are a couple of our favorites for corseting beginners and experts alike:

Mesh Waspie Corset by Hourglass Angel HA201: This breathable waist training corset provides powerful slimming with a sexy look.
Underbust Cotton Corset By Hourglass Angel HA202: This classic steel-boned corset provides maximum slimming from below the bust to the hip, while remaining comfortable with breathable cotton.

How Steel-Boned Corsets Work

Women have been corseting as a way to slim their figures and create a tiny waist for hundreds of years. Modern corsets use thin strips of flexible steel boning to provide their slimming power, combined with a lace-up back for a customizable fit.

Corsets work in several different ways. First, when laced tightly they provide immediate body-shaping that can dramatically slim your midsection several inches. Over time, if you wear a corset regularly and your body adjusts, you may be able to tighten the laces even further for even more dramatic results.

Corsets primarily work because of the compression they provide. This stimulates heat in your core, increasing circulation and making you sweat harder. Wearing a corset also improves your posture, boosts confidence and can motivate you to live a healthier lifestyle. You may also prefer to eat smaller meals while wearing a corset.

All of these factors contribute to a slimmer waistline.

How Corsets are Different from Latex Waist Trainers

In the last few years, modern waist trainers have become very popular, and some people have grown confused about what the difference is between the two garments. While they are very similar in terms of what they do, there are some key differences.

Both styles of the garment provide compression around the midsection, but latex waist trainers do it with latex, usually held in place with a hook-and-eye, zip-up or Velcro closure at the front of the garment. Steel-boned corsets don’t use a compression fabric but rely on the structure of the steel boning in combination with the lace-up back. Since they can be tightened firmly with laces to a custom fit, corsets can provide more dramatic results.

We generally recommend latex waist trainers for beginners and corsets for women who want to take their waist training to the next level.

A couple of other differences include what you might use these two styles of garments for. Workout bands are ideal for exercise; we don’t recommend rigorous movement while wearing a corset or everyday waist trainer, as you risk damaging them. Corsets are also popular for special occasions and may even be worn as outerwear. Which style of garment you use may depend on your personal preferences as well as the occasion.

Benefits of Corseting

Wearing a corset provides immediate slimming to your waistline up to several inches. It can also improve your posture and improve your confidence and motivation. As we discussed above, when combined with a healthy lifestyle, wearing a corset can be a part of a weight loss or waist slimming plan.

Safety & Comfort

There are a few myths you might have heard about whether or not wearing a corset is safe. Always ask your doctor if you have specific concerns, but if you use a corset as directed, you don't have anything to worry about.

Always make sure you’re getting the right size when ordering a new corset to ensure that you have a garment that fits properly. If a corset provides discomfort, it could be an indication that it is too small. Measure the narrowest part of your waist using a vinyl or fabric measuring tape and then follow our custom size charts for each garment.

It’s also important to listen to your body. If you experience discomfort other than the general feeling of it being tight, then take it off immediately. You should never experience shortness of breath or pain when wearing a corset correctly.

Finally, be sensible. Don’t wear a corset 24/7. We recommend no more than about 12 hours a day. Also be sure to be doing regular core-strengthening exercises—ideally with a workout band—to get the best results and keep your core and back strong.

Getting Started

When you order a new corset, you’ll first want to make sure that it fits. Unfold it and step into it with the closures in front and the laces in back. Gently tighten the laces, working from the top and bottom towards the middle, as if you were tightening shoelaces.

Do not pull the laces super tight the first time you wear it! Your corset needs to be seasoned for a couple of weeks before you can tighten it fully. This allows it to conform to your body and also gives your body the opportunity to adjust.

While you’re seasoning your corset, it should be snug but shouldn’t provide firm compression. It should look flattering and rest comfortably between your bust and your hips. If you can tighten it without much effort, than it is probably too big. If it doesn’t look quite right and doesn’t create an hourglass curve, it is probably too small.

You can gradually increase the amount of time that you wear it each day while you season it. After about two weeks you should feel comfortable wearing it all day. By then it should be molded to fit your torso without any gaps, and the laces should slide easily through the grommets. At this point you should be able to tighten it firmly to get maximum slimming.