How Can This Activewear Amp Up Your Workout?

Posted by by hourglass angel on Jun 2nd 2017

How Can This Activewear Amp Up Your Workout?

Posted by by hourglass angel on Jun 2nd 2017

Discover how activewear can stimulate your workout

Workout clothes are just workout clothes, right? Does it really matter whether you head into the gym with an old t-shirt or something a bit more put-together?

Actually, yes. It does matter.

If you think about it, your favorite professional athletes and others who are doing serious training probably aren’t wearing performance gear simply because it makes them look good. While wearing performance activewear doesn’t replace actually going out and doing some focused exercise, it can make a big difference in how effective that workout can be. Great gear can also help you stay focused and motivated. See why our maximum compression workout waist trainer is a customer favorite.

If you’ve never experienced what it’s like to complete your workouts in quality compression activewear, here are several benefits to consider.

Compression Gear Provides Optimal Support and Comfort

Have you ever had a worn-out or cheap sports bra, but you wore it anyway because it was all you had at the moment? Then you know that a bad bra is pretty much the worst, especially if you’re doing any sort of workout that involves rigorous movement. Not only is it uncomfortable, but it can even distract you from giving your workout your full effort.

It goes without saying that a great sports bra should be the foundation of your workout wardrobe. But that’s just the beginning. In the same way, compression apparel can provide the support you need all around.

For starters, a compression top will supplement the support of your sports bra with additional compression around the bust. It will also hug your torso to keep everything in place while you move, so you don’t have to worry about jostling or jiggling, even when jumping around.

You might also love the support that a workout waist trainer provides. Not only will it slim your waist and keep your abdomen firmly in place while you work out, but it can provide additional support for your bust. In particular, a vest-style waist trainer pairs perfectly with a sports bra for optimal bust and back support and coverage.

And support shouldn’t just stop above the waist! You’ll be way more comfortable in compression shorts and leggings than baggy sweat pants or shorts, particularly if you’re doing any interval training, dancing, or something similar with quick movements. Women love having curves, but they need to be kept in check when you’re working up a sweat!

Compression Gear Helps You Sweat Harder

The old saying goes that women don’t sweat; they “glisten.” Hardly! Sweat is what you want during workouts because it means your heart is pumping, you’re burning calories and you’re getting stronger.

Boosting perspiration is one of the best benefits of compression apparel, and it’s definitely a difference you’ll notice.

Here’s how it works: by pressing against the skin, it stimulates thermal activity and blood flow, which in turn signals to your body that it needs to cool off. Your sweat indicates that you’re working hard and ultimately means you’re getting an effective workout (that’s one reason why going for a run out in the heat feels a lot harder than going for a run when it’s cooler).

Don’t resist sweat; embrace it! In particular, waist trainers will help you sweat a lot more around your core, even when you’re not doing an intense workout. In other words, you can exercise more effectively without actually putting in more effort (although you may feel the extra intensity).

And if you think all that sweating sounds uncomfortable, don’t worry. Much of our workout apparel is also designed to prevent you from feeling hot and sticky by using lining that wicks away the moisture from your skin. So you can keep your workout’s momentum going without worrying about chafing or sticky discomfort.

Compression Gear Targets Your Trouble Areas

No matter what body type they have or how good of shape they’re already in, everyone has trouble areas on their figure. Knowing which workouts to do in order to build muscle and burn fat is the most important factor when targeting your trouble areas, but the right gear can help keep you focused.

Compression apparel keeps your target areas firm, so you can work on strengthening them further during your workouts. For example, waist trainers help you keep your tummy tucked and your back straight, encouraging you to focus on holding those planks. Compression leggings keep your butt, thighs and hips firmly in check, whether you’re running or doing squats, so you won’t be distracted by anything bouncing around. While the compression material itself isn’t what makes you exert yourself, with smart training it can greatly enhance your workout experience.

Compression Gear Makes You Look Great

Okay, we admit this shouldn’t be the only thing that matters when it comes to your workout gear, but flattering apparel can be a huge motivator when it comes to getting up and getting exercise! Whether you’re at the gym, on a run or taking selfies during your home workouts, knowing that you look your best can make you more excited to do it.

Compression apparel not only intensifies your workout, but also slims your figure in all the right places. Wearing a waist trainer can help you take at least an inch off your waistline immediately. Compression shorts and leggings help smooth out and lift your butt and thighs, and may also help slim your waist depending on which one you use. Certain slimming, butt-lifting leggings like these from Bon Bon Up are even constructed with an internal girdle that is both comfortable and effective.

You Can Mix and Match for a Customized Experience 

One of the most enjoyable qualities of workout apparel is that you don’t have to pick just one piece. Mix and match your favorite compression tops, workout bands, butt-lifting leggings or toning shorts for a customized experience each time you work out. Your preference might change depending on what you’re doing or whether you’re indoors or outdoors. And of course, there are many varieties of colors and patterns.

Here are a few ideas for your inspiration:

  • Try going for a long run in cooler weather wearing long leggings and a workout band.
  • When you’re in a time crunch but want to fit your workout in quickly, strap on a Velcro closure workout band, paired with your favorite shorts or leggings.
  • Doing crunches or serious abdominal work? Switch out your waist trainer for some compression tanks.
  • When working up a sweat doing a lot of squats or other legwork, get the most out of it with high waist shaping shorts and your favorite waist trainer.

What Features To Look For

There are many options when it comes to compression apparel, so here’s what you need to know when browsing through different garments.

  • Bio-ceramic material: The Delfin brand carries a unique fabric that provides instant smoothing, increases perspiration and keeps you feeling cool and clean with a breathable design and anti-microbial additive.
  • Butt-lifting construction: Bon Bon Up leggings are designed to firmly tighten your butt and control your thighs using an internal girdle.
  • Breathability: Leggings, shorts and tops come in a variety of fabrics, all of which can provide compression but will have different degrees of breathability. Lighter fabrics like nylon will feel light and cool, while fabrics like polyester and neoprene will not feel as light, although they may effectively make you sweat harder.
  • Moisture-wicking: Look for this description in garments to determine if they will transfer the sweat away from your skin. Most of are garments do this to some degree.
  • Latex: Most waist trainers are able to effectively provide compression through the use of a latex core. There are several, however, with a latex-free blend.
  • Waist trainer length options: Not all waist trainers are one style fits all. Check out different lengths that can be suitable if you have a long or short torso.
  • Waist trainer closure options: Most workout bands come with hook-and-eye closures, but we do carry several that zip up for extra support, as well as those with a Velcro closure for easy on and off and a customized fit.
  • Flexible steel boning: The Hourglass Angel brand waist trainers are uniquely constructed with steel instead of plastic in the bodice, for durable maximum compression.

In general, you might find that different features work better during different kinds of workouts and workout environments, which is why mixing and matching is highly recommended, as described above.

We hope you’re inspired by the many options available to you that can help you start and continue working out effectively. We carry high-quality apparel that will help you stay motivated and get the most burn out of your workouts. As always, if you have any questions about waist trainers or any other compression apparel, our expert stylist are waiting to hear from you.

And don’t forget to get social! We love seeing you in your workout gear on our social media channels. On Instagram or Twitter you can tag us at @hourglassangel and use #BeTheHourglass to let us know how your workout goals are going. Be sure to track your progress and take before and after photos. You’ll be an inspiration to us as well as your friends!

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