How to Choose Shapewear for Your Body Type

Posted by by hourglass angel on Nov 6th 2015

How to Choose Shapewear for Your Body Type

Posted by by hourglass angel on Nov 6th 2015

Simple Solutions for Every Figure

How to choose shapewear for your body type

Everyone is built differently, and we believe that every body is beautiful. However you carry your curves, the key to looking your best is embracing your body type and then dressing in a way that flatters it.

Shapewear is useful for every body type. Do you know how to look your best? Here are some suggestions to help you attain your most flattering wardrobe.

Round Figured

You're this body type if you have a small waist-to-hip ratio. You may also have a full bust and broad shoulders. You want shapewear that slims and defines that waistline. Our suggestions for you include:

Corsets and cinchers: These are the ultimate way to bring in your midsection and define that waistline.

Shaping camis: These are versatile under any type of attire and provide a smooth, controlled waistline

Straight Figured

You are long and lean, with shoulders, waist and hip measurements that are similar in proportion. Your shape is naturally elegant; you just want to add curves and definition. Our top suggestions for you include:

Butt-enhancing shapers: Get more volume in your rear while slimming your waist.

Cincher vests: Slim your waistline, smooth your back and create more curves by lifting your bust.


You have curves that naturally balance: proportional bust and hips, with a slimmer waistline. Your goal with shapewear is to smooth and define the curves you already have. For you we recommend:

All-over shaping bodysuits: Get a smooth figure all over, while slimming your waist and lifting your butt.

Corselettes: These are a sexy option, ideal for wear under dresses and skirts. They slim your waistline, while hugging your hips and enhancing your rear.

Curvy on Bottom

Chances are you naturally look great in jeans because of your curvy hips and slimmer waist. Your bust and shoulders are slim, so your goal with shapewear is to create balance in your figure. We recommend:

Thigh-slimming shapers: Get control for those hips and thighs while smoothing out your curves and eliminating muffin top.

Braless shaping tanks/camis: Emphasize and smooth your waistline while providing lift to your bust. Pairing your tank with the bra of your choice allows you to pick the bra that enhances you best.

Shapely on Top

You have enviable volume in your bust and broad shoulders with narrower hips. Your objective with shapewear is to draw attention away from your chest and create more balance from top to bottom. Here are our suggestions:

Enhancing panties and shapers: Add volume to your rear with your panties. You can also choose a shaper that defines your waistline for more curves.

Full-body shapers: Provide control and enhancement where you need it on your lower half. Choose a braless garment so you can pair it with your favorite supportive bra.