Comfortable Daily Shapewear

Posted by Hourglass Angel on Nov 21st 2018

Comfortable Daily Shapewear

Posted by Hourglass Angel on Nov 21st 2018

When some people think of shapewear, they imagine stiff, uncomfortable garments that they will squeeze themselves into for a few hours for an event like a wedding, and then gladly peel off once the event is over. While some maximum compression shapewear is definitely designed for formalwear, did you know that most styles aren’t? When you discover how to wear shapewear comfortably every day, it will totally change how you think about shaping garments.

Anyone who desires to look stylish but also wants to stay comfortable can easily wear shapewear daily. The key is knowing which pieces to wear for which occasions. We recommend rotating a variety of styles and compression levels through your wardrobe so that you can feel like you’re presenting your most confident self every day.

Whether dressing for a casual get-together, for work or for a night out, here are the shapewear styles you’ll want on hand to dress comfortably and confidently for any occasion.

Start with the Basics: Shaping Panties

Unless you’re confident about going commando on a regular basis, you’re probably going to be wearing panties every day. So why not wear panties that make you look and feel great?

Shaping panties come in a variety of styles that enhance different features. Most of them at the very least focus on slimming the lower abdomen, effectively creating a flatter tummy and prevent “muffin top” over the waistline on your pants and skirts. For more midsection control you can choose panty style with a higher waist.

One of the best features of all of these shaping panties is that they are soft and comfortable enough to wear all day, every day!

Once you start rotating shaping panties through your wardrobe, you’ll find that these are versatile enough to wear under casual styles, work clothes, and even dressier attire. Don’t be surprised if you never want to wear regular panties again!

Outfit ideas: Try the following combos with shaping panties:

Create a Smooth Foundation with Shaping Camis

For most of the year, many people layer their tops, so it makes sense to start with a smooth foundation. Shaping camis create a smooth, mannequin-like silhouette so that your tops and dresses fit smoothly over your torso. You can tuck a longer camisole into your pants for a smooth, seamless look under many styles.

Shaping camis are a must-have solution that are both lightweight and comfortable, but also effective at creating a smooth foundation for most outfits.

Outfit ideas: Here are some easy dressing solutions with a cami foundation:

Need Thigh Sculpting? Try Thigh Slimmers

One of our favorite features in much of our shapewear is how effective it is at comfortably creating slim and smooth thighs. Most thigh-slimming shapewear does double duty and also flattens the tummy and creates a slimmer, smoother midsection.

These thigh slimmers and soft and comfortable, but also powerful and effective at concealing cellulite and creating leaner legs. They’re a favorite to wear underneath dresses and skirts as well as slacks and pants that show off your figure.

Outfit ideas: Here are some great ways to show off your sexy legs

Your Best Behind: Butt-Lifting Solutions

Who wouldn’t want a round, firm butt in pretty much any outfit? There are a few easy and comfortable ways to enhance your butt with innovative shapewear solutions.

We love the natural lift you can get with open-bottom panties and shapers. Without any padding, they lift and firm your butt, giving you curves even if your natural body shape tends to lack them!

Another must-have shaping solution is butt-lifting denim. While these innovative jeans technically aren’t shapewear, they sure act like it! Strategic seaming, stretchy denim and a form-enhancing cut work together to create a fuller butt and more hourglass appearance. These are the ideal go-to jeans for casual well and also dress up well if you wear them with heels or wedges.

Outfit ideas: When you’ve got a fuller butt, you’ll want to show it off!

Get that Hourglass Waistline with a Waist Trainer

We’d be silly not to mention waist trainers as a part of everyday shapewear. While it’s true that waist trainers may not be comfortable to wear all day at first, if you gradually increase the amount you wear yours, you’ll be able to wear one comfortably all day after a few weeks. We recommend starting at about an hour or two of wear a day and then adding more time each day.

Waist trainers are some of our most popular shaping garments because they create such stunning results. You’ll instantly drop 1–3 inches from your waistline when you put one on, which will help all of your attire fit in the most flattering way.

Outfit ideas: Show off your hourglass curves in these styles:

  • Classic Waist Cincher by Amia + striped fitted t-shirt and jeans: Stripes will highlight just has skinny your waist is, and it will look so effortless in this casual style.
  • Latex Waist Trainer Vest by Hourglass Angel HA103 + V-neck top and leather leggings: You’ll be amazed at how much bust enhancement and support you’ll get from this vest-style waist trainer, in addition to its waist-slimming power.

Don’t Forget Your Workouts!

One of the best ways to motivate yourself to work out is to be excited about dressing for it. When you’re wearing figure-enhancing compression attire that also enhancing your workouts, you’ve got a win-win.

Workout waist trainers are a great place to start if you’re new to waist training and want to step up your exercise routine. With firm compression, they stimulate heat in your core and sweat harder, so you can feel your workout working for you.

You’ll also love the comfort, compression and support that workout shaping leggings and shorts provide. They’re constructed to lift and shape the butt while slimming the thighs, taming the tummy and smoothing the midsection. Who knew getting dressed for the gym could make you feel so sexy and confident?

Outfit idea: Here’s the guaranteed way to turn heads at the gym:

For When You Need All-Over Sculpting

Sometimes you just need some shaping in all over your trouble spots. You can get it done comfortably in one fell swoop, with all-over bodyshapers.

For the most comfort, choose a lighter weight garment with an open bust, so that you can pair it with your own bra. Shapers with shoulder straps give you extra support for the bust and back.

If you’re wearing a dress, a shaping slip is a super easy way to create a smooth silhouette under just about any style. It’s a must-have for under office workwear and cocktail dresses.

Outfit ideas: Here’s how to shine with confidence wherever you go:

We hope you have lots of ideas for how to complete your wardrobe, with comfortable shapewear solutions you can wear every day. If you still need help finding the perfect shapewear for your style, contact our expert styles and we’ll be happy to offer advice.