Complete Guide to Steel-Boned Corsets / Hourglass Angel

Posted by hourglass angel on May 22nd 2016

Complete Guide to Steel-Boned Corsets / Hourglass Angel

Complete Guide to Steel-Boned Corsets / Hourglass Angel

Posted by hourglass angel on May 22nd 2016

How to wear a steel-boned corset

Guide to Steel-Boned Corsets

Thinking about getting a steel-boned corset? These can make an excellent and highly effective choice for waist training! This classic style produces the most dramatic waist-slimming results. But if you're new to this style of shapewear, you may have some questions about how to wear one.

We're here to help. Use this guide to help you choose the best steel-boned corset for you and how to wear it.

How do I choose the right one?

For waist training, and for the most dramatic results, and underbust steel-boned corset is your best choice. Generally you want to choose a size that is 4-5 inches smaller than your natural waist (if you’re a 27-inchwaist, choose a 22). Your natural waist is where it bends when you bend your torso to one side.

How do I put it on?

This can be the trickiest part when you start corseting. When you first open it, gently unroll the corset so that the laces are facing up. Gently pull them apart, loosening the X’s starting from the center. When you put it on, you know that the correct side is up when the hooks that clasp in front are on your right. It should be very loose when you clasp it; never pull or tug on the hooks when you fasten the front.

How do I tighten it?

When you first start wearing a steel-boned corset, you will need to “season” it before you lace it too tightly. This means that you wear it snugly but not laced as tight as it will go for the first few times you wear it. In this way, you won’t warp the boning, and it will start molding to your body’s natural shape.

To tighten the laces, we highly recommend doing it in front of a mirror or having a friend help. The pull loops should be at your natural waist. Pull the laces starting at the top and bottom and work your way towards the middle, pulling the loops as you go. When it’s firmly in place but not tight yet, tie the loops. Once the corset it seasoned you can start pulling the laces tighter.

What else should I expect?

You’ll probably find that you love it! The more you wear your corset, the more comfortable you’ll feel with pulling the laces tight.

We hope you enjoy your corseting experience. As always, don’t hesitate to contact our customer service team with your questions!

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