Corsets 101: Basics You Need To Know

Posted by hourglass angel on Aug 12th 2016

Corsets 101: Basics You Need To Know

Corsets 101: Basics You Need To Know

Posted by hourglass angel on Aug 12th 2016

How to get started with corsets & corseting

Waist training has skyrocketed in popularity in recent years, and we’re so excited about it! While most of our customers are familiar with latex waist training garments, not as many people know that corsets are another great option.

Here's everything you need to know about corseting and how to make it a part of your waist training regimen or special-occasion wardrobe.

What is a corset?

Corsets are waist-slimming garments that have been around for centuries. Interesting fact: hundreds of years ago, some corsets were constructed with whale bones! These days, steel “boning” is what makes them effective as they compress your midsection to create a classic hourglass shape.

Unlike their latex cousins, which have plastic boning and hook-and-eye closures in the front, corsets are often made from luxurious satin or satin-like fabric and are tightened in the back with lacing. They are effective for everyday waist training if that is your preference. Corsets are also fantastic special-occasion garments that create dramatic curves and can even be worn over a thin top for style (great for those sexy Halloween costumes, too!).

How do corsets work?

Corsets basically work the same way other waist trainers do: they compress your midsection. When you put a corset on, the fabric and steel boning work together to whittle your middle and maintain that skinny figure for as long as you wear it. This has several effects, including improving posture (the boning actually makes you stand taller and more confidently), helping you control portion sizes and of course slimming your waistline dramatically.

Why is steel boning necessary?

If you’ve ever laced up a corset, you’ll know that it requires a significant yank to get it tight. This puts some pressure on the garment (in centuries past, it wasn’t uncommon for the whale boning to break). Steel ensures that a corset is durable through multiple uses and provides maximum compression on your midsection as long as you’re wearing it. A corset can provide the most dramatic results on your waistline.

How to find the right corset

Which corset is right for you depends on your body shape and size, as well as your style preferences. A corset can be flattering for virtually any body type. As with every shaping garment, follow the sizing chart closely to ensure the best fit. If you seem to be in between sizes, always go a size up.