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How To Buy A Shaper

Body shapers, girdles, and waist cinchers have many features and come in different designs.  To select the correct shaper for your needs, first take a minute to think about the areas on your body that you are looking to target.  You should consider where you will be wearing this shaper.  Is it for a special occasion or for everyday?  Lastly, think about how much control you want?  By answering these questions it will be easier to find a shaper that fits your needs.

The best way to start looking for a body shaper is to decide which areas you are looking to target.  There are different body shapers that shape, lift, smooth and enhance specific areas.  If you are looking to target your midsection, an item like the SlimVest will be your best option.  An items like the Alexis will lift and enhance your butt.  By knowing your desired target area, you will be able to find a shaper that focuses on these specific parts.

Next, think about where you will be wearing this shaper and what style of clothing will you be wearing it with.  If you are looking for everyday shapewear, you might want to consider the SlimBand, which can be worn up to 10 hours a day.  If you are looking for a strapless control slip under a dress to a party, you can consider the Full-Body Control Slip.  If you would like an all-over comfortable fit, consider the Katie to accentuate your butt and create a curvy shape.

Lastly, consider how much control you would like from your shaper.  If you are new to shapers, you may want to begin with a moderate or slight control pieces such as the Mia or the Amber.  If you would like to slenderize all over with maximum compression (cinch the waist, lift the bust and rear, and slim your thighs), you should try the Butterfly.  For moderate compression all-over targeting, consider the Heidi.  For slight control, take a look at the Amanda.  If you wear girdles frequently and would like more compression, you may want to try a maximum compression corset such as the Black Cashmere Underbust Corset.

When you have found the right shaper, remember to stay true to your size.  Wearing the wrong size will cause the shaper to roll, pinch, and fit poorly.  You can damage the shaper if you size down and you might be uncomfortable.  If you size up, then the shaper will be too big and will not serve its purpose.  The perfect shaper will create smooth curves that will make you feel healthy, happy, and confident.

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