How to Eat Properly when Wearing Shapewear

Posted by hourglass angel on Apr 20th 2015

How to Eat Properly when Wearing Shapewear

How to Eat Properly when Wearing Shapewear

Posted by hourglass angel on Apr 20th 2015

Healthy eating choices with compression garments.

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One of the side effects of wearing a compression garment like a corset or cincher, or even bodysuits or shaping panties, is that you may not feel like you can eat very much. The reason why is pretty straightforward; your GI tract doesn't have as much room to expand! So is it advisable to eat while wearing your shaper?

The answer is…it depends. It depends on your eating habits and your goals while wearing the shaper.

Here are some general tips about how to eat when you're wearing a compression garment:

Put your health first.

Whatever you decide about your eating habits while wearing a compression garment, make sure that you are putting what your body needs first. If you're not getting enough nutritious calories and water with a constricted midsection, be smart and make the adjustments you need for your health.

Keep it on for small meals and snacks.

If you want to eat small meals throughout the day, keeping your shaper on can help you meet that goal. For many people this is an optimal way to reduce portion size and calorie intake. However, be careful – every meal and snack should be full of nutritious food so that you're making the most of small portions. Also be mindful that you are getting enough water.

Keep it on for a waist-training regimen.

If you're wearing a cincher or a corset as part of a waist-training plan, then you'll definitely want to keep it on as much as possible. As stated above, however, make sure that you're making the most of those smaller meals and snacks and staying hydrated.

Loosen it when you need to.

If you have a lace-up corset or an adjustable cincher, you may want to loosen it up a bit if you are uncomfortable during meals. That way you can benefit from the compression without feeling like you can't move. Tighten it up again an hour or two later.

Take it off if you want to.

If you're not seriously waist training and/or you're very uncomfortable, take the compression garment off. This may be difficult to do depending on what kind you're using and where you are, so plan accordingly.

Remember, wearing shapewear should not be uncomfortable or a hassle. Choose garments that are right for your body and for the outfits you plan to wear them with. And by maintaining a healthy diet and exercise regimen at the same time, you'll be on track to an even greater transformation.