How to Get an Hourglass Figure

Posted by hourglass angel on Mar 19th 2016

How to Get an Hourglass Figure

How to Get an Hourglass Figure

Posted by hourglass angel on Mar 19th 2016

Reshape your natural shape into an hourglass shaped body with high-quality shapewear.

How to Get an Hourglass Figure

Wondering how to get an hourglass figure when you are not naturally curved that way? The key to an hourglass shaped body is targeting the right areas so that you're creating balance in your figure.

First, figure out what shape you are and then choose the shapers best suited for you. Finding your ideal hourglass figure is easy!

  1. Round Figure

You have a full bust and midsection, along with narrow shoulders and hips. When it comes to shapewear, your objective is to define your waistline and provide excellent support for your breasts.

The best shapers for you include waist-shrinking cinchers and corsets. You may also appreciate the bust and back support they provide so you can stand tall and confident all day. You can also benefit greatly from waist training and using a workout band.

  1. Straight Figure

Your shoulders, bust, waist and hip measurements are all similar in size. Your figure is enviably long and slender, so your objective with shapewear is to add curves in the right places.

In addition to a great bra, you can benefit from a waist-slimming shaper or cincher. Look for an open-bust design that will enhance your top. You'll also look great in an open bottom shaper that naturally lifts and shapes your rear.

  1. Curvy on Bottom

You have lovely curves around your hips and probably have a great butt, but your hip measurements are wider than your shoulders and bust. Your objectives in shapewear are to provide control for your hips and thighs while emphasizing your small waist and enhancing your bust.

Provide balance on top with an enhancing bra and choose open bust shapewear that slims and controls your midsection. You'll also benefit from thigh-slimming shapers, shaping leggings and shaping panties.

  1. Shapely on Top

You have a full bust that many women would love to have, but your upper half is noticeably larger than your lower half. Your objectives with shapewear are to define your waist and soften your shoulders—by drawing attention away from your top you can achieve that hourglass balance.

Garments that target your midsection will provide the waist definition you need, while butt-enhancing shapers and apparel will draw more attention to your lower half. For the best results, choose tops to wear over your shapewear that aren't too bright or busy; if you want to wear a statement piece, make it your pants or your shoes.

  1. Hourglass

You might be lucky enough to have hourglass curves: a defined waistline with balance bust and hips. All you need is some control, and we've got you covered.

You'll love the way you'll look in any of our full-body shapers, which provide curve enhancement and control. Other great picks for you include waist cinchers and shaping panties for a perfectly smooth hourglass finish.