Interview: Busy Mom Drops 2-3 Sizes Instantly with Waist Trainer

Posted by by hourglass angel on Mar 23rd 2017

Interview: Busy Mom Drops 2-3 Sizes Instantly with Waist Trainer

Posted by by hourglass angel on Mar 23rd 2017

Waist Training Before & After Interview

Jessica is a hardworking mom who is balancing her education with a part-time job. Her busy schedule has made it difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle. But when she tried waist training, everything changed. Her waistline instantly looked 2-3 sizes smaller, and this gave her the confidence she needed to pursue her long-term slimming goals. Since she can wear her waist trainer almost anywhere, she's been able to wear it 8-9 hours a day without interfering with her hectic schedule. We recently reached out to Jessica for an inside scoop on her results – check it out!

1. Tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Jessica. I work and go to school part time. I'm a full time mother and wife. I love crafts and couponing! My aspirations for the future are to be able to manage all of the above with a healthier lifestyle!

2. Why did you decide to try waist training?

I decided to give waist training a try because I wanted to enhance my trouble areas—my midsection mostly. After giving birth, your body is not the same, especially your midsection! I wanted something to reshape me and help me tighten my tummy. And the waist shaper helped a lot!

3. What garment did you use, and why?

I used the Ann Chery metallic edition waist cincher. I loved the latex-and-metallic look! Also loved the fact that I was able to go down a hook as I've seen changes in my body!

4. What were your first impressions?

The first time I put the garment on I was so impressed! I became obsessed the minute I put it on! I had just gotten it by mail and couldn't wait to put it on! I struggled a little to put on but it was only because I had never tried one on. As I looked in the mirror I couldn't believe how fast and dramatic you were able to notice a difference. You really go down 2-3 sizes! My stomach was flatter and my waist was smaller. The moment you put on, you become obsessed!

5. What was your waist training routine?

My routine with my waist trainer was daily for about 6 hours to start, after a week I was so comfortable I was wearing 8-9+ hours a day! It became so that I couldn't walk out the house without it! It gave me confidence and better posture.

6. Did the garment meet your goals and expectations? How so?

The garment exceeded my expectations! It not only helped with reshaping my body but also my posture! I suffer from scoliosis and it gave my back extra support! Can't live without it!

7. What were your diet and fitness habits during your waist training journey?

My diet and fitness habits changed. I was super exited and motivated by the waist trainer! I started eating healthier and drank more water.

8. In the past, have you faced any challenges with weight-loss or fitness?

I've faced many challenges with weight loss! Tried various diets and nothing worked! I like to see fast changes like anyone else. The waist trainer gave me hope for the future! It gave me a visual of how my body could be if I keep up a healthier lifestyle.

9. When did you start seeing results?

I started seeing results within a week and a half. I would notice that my posture would stay the same even after I took it off! It also made my midsection flatter with it off. Within two weeks I was able to go down a hook.

10. Has anyone else noticed your results?

Everyone noticed my results as soon as I put it on! I had a lot of compliments. Everyone wanted to know what I was doing. My family has also noticed the results of my shape without the waist trainer on!

11. What would you say to others who are thinking about trying waist training?

My tip to anyone that is thinking of getting a waist trainer is keep your garment on for the hours recommended! You will feel a little discomfort at first but it's only because your body is not used to it. A few days later the discomfort will go away, as your body gets used to it! Great way to slim your body, especially mothers after giving birth. It's never too late to try! You will become obsessed!

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