Interview: Busy Mom Uses Waist Training to Define Her Curves

Posted by by hourglass angel on Jan 11th 2018

Interview: Busy Mom Uses Waist Training to Define Her Curves

Posted by by hourglass angel on Jan 11th 2018

Victoria's Waist Training Transformation

Victoria is a busy parent who balances motherhood with a rewarding career in the medical field. But her busy schedule hasn't left her much time to focus on fitness. After having children, Victoria gained excess weight in her stomach, thighs, and arms. She tried various "crash diets" and got a new gym membership, but she struggled to get her old figure back.

 That's when she decided to give waist training a shot. With a new waist training vest from Hourglass Angel, Victoria was able to get an instant glimpse of her slimmer waistline. This motivated her to commit to a regular workout routine. And, by wearing the waist trainer while she works out, she's maximizing her results. We recently caught up with Victoria to see how she did it. Here's what she said:


  1. Tell us a little about yourself.

I’m a mother and I spend a lot of time outside of working with my children. My passion has always been helping people, so being in the medical field allows me to do that. In my spare time, I’m with my children or husband. I also love gardening and I spend a lot of my free time making my backyard look beautiful and relaxing.

  1. Why did you decide to try waist training?

Having children changed my body and I really wanted to try other methods that’ll help me shape my problem areas naturally. I heard about waist training through a few close people and wanted to give it a try.

    1. What garments did you use, and why?

I used the  Dobule Layer Zipper Vest size XL. This was my first time waist training, so I went ahead and choose the best waist trainer my eyes saw fit.

  1. What were your first impressions?

I was in the bathroom putting my waist trainer on for the first time and it was tough. I wasn’t used to using it and I struggled attaching it and zipping it up. It took me a few weeks of using it to get used to wearing it. When I first put it on, I loved it! My stomach was more defined and putting my shirts on was an immediate difference in my shape, and not to mention a flatter stomach.

  1. What was your waist training routine?

I wore my waist trainer while I was at work and removed it once I got home. I worked out with the waist trainer as well. At first, I wore it during work, but I got used to wearing it and wore it afterwards with workouts and outings. Getting used to wearing it, I start wearing it more with time.

  1. Did the garment meet your expectations? How so?

Knowing already what waist trainers do and the results I’ve seen, I was expecting great results and my waist trainer delivered. Wearing it shaped my stomach more than my regular routine just at the gym. I would feel a difference with my workouts, but didn’t see a huge difference in my shape. Wearing my waist trainer defined the curves I already had, so I definitely will continue to wear it with the following months.

  1. What were your diet and fitness habits during your waist training journey?

I’m active daily throughout work, gardening at home, and going out with my family, so I don’t have too much down time. I was going to the gym as much as I could on my free time, but otherwise, I was doing workout videos at home, especially sit ups, because I wanted to see more definition in my stomach area. I ate a lot of fish, vegetables and drank a lot of water.

  1. In the past, have you faced any challenges with weight-loss and/or fitness?

Having children added a lot of weight in my stomach, thighs, and arms. I’ve tried a lot of crash diets that were hard to stick with and didn’t produce any results. I signed up for a gym, but with my schedule it was harder to go on a frequent basis. Having my waist trainer motivated me to work out, so I could see results. I was simply doing videos in my home and still noticed a difference versus spending hundreds of dollars in gym memberships.

  1. When did you start seeing results?

I started seeing results two months into waist training. The sides of my stomach were more defined, and I could see an hourglass figure coming in, so that made me want to train more. I’m hoping with the passing months, that hourglass shape I’m starting to see will be my reality.

  1. Has anyone else noticed your results?

My daughter would tell me how fit I was looking and asked what was I doing new. Little did everyone know, I added waist training into my routine. My clothing options are still the same, so it’s harder for people to really see a difference in my shape. I feel the more months I train, the more comfortable I’ll be in trying new clothing options.

  1. What would you say to others who are thinking about trying waist training?

Try it out, stay motivated, and get ready to see results!

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