Inverted Triangle Body Shape Workouts

Posted by hourglass angel on Sep 29th 2014

Inverted Triangle Body Shape Workouts

Inverted Triangle Body Shape Workouts

Posted by hourglass angel on Sep 29th 2014


Creating Balanced Curves

If you have a so-called inverted triangle figure, you probably enjoy a nice bustline and perhaps look very athletic. Some famous models like Cindy Crawford and Gemma Ward have this build. Your biggest struggle is creating nice curves in the waistline and below.

Problem areas for inverted triangles include:

  • Waistline
  • Broad shoulders

By targeting your workouts for an inverted triangle body type, you'll be able to balance your upper and lower body as well as reduce your waistline. Make the most of your naturally athletic build & try one of our workout waist trainers!

Building Lean Muscle in Thighs, Butt and Waist Plus Cardio Fat Burning

The most effective workouts for the inverted triangle body type focus on building lean muscle from your waist down, without adding too much bulk to your already broad shoulders. Combine these with high-intensity cardio to effectively eliminate fat around the midsection.

For the best results, do this routine two or three times a week. Do a full circuit with little or no rest between exercises. Then repeat the circuit three times. On alternate days, do high-intensity cardio of 30 minutes or more.

To complete these exercises you'll need small hand weights, about three to five pounds.

1. Squat to Rotating Press

Standing with your feet slightly wider than hip distance apart, hold your weights together in front of you with your palms facing in. Sit back into a squat, bending your knees and pushing your hips back while reaching your hands straight down to the floor. Stand back up, pressing through your heels and curling the weights up into your chest, while engaging your abs. In a continuous motion, press the weights up over your head, slightly to the front with palms facing in, while rotating your body to the right and pivoting your left foot. Return to the starting position and repeat on your left side to complete one rep. Repeat twelve times for one set.

2. Reaching Row

Stand in a splits position holding the weights at your sides with your right foot forward. Lower into a lunge and bend forward about 45 degrees at the hips, looking down and keeping your back straight. Reach your hands down toward your right foot with palms facing in. Bend your left elbow and pull your left shoulder back behind your body in a row, holding the weight in front of your shoulder. Extend your arm back to the floor and do a row with your right arm to complete one rep. Keep your abs engaged and rotate your torso slightly while completing this exercise. Repeat twelve times for one set.

3. Curtsy Curl

Stand holding a weight in your left hand and shift your weight to your left foot. Cross your right foot behind your left and lower into a low curtsy lunge, bending both knees to about 90 degrees. Your hips should be slightly hinged forward and the weight should be on the outside of your left leg. Rise up and extend your right leg above the ground directly to the side as your left leg straightens. At the same time, bend the left elbow into a curl across your chest while rotating your torso to the right. Return to the starting position and repeat twelve times on the left, followed by twelve times on the right to complete one set.

4. Side Lunge Side Crunch

Stand with your feet together and your hands behind your head, elbows bent. Take a wide step to the right into a side lunge. Your left leg should be straight and your hips should be slightly back. Push off your right heel and stand straight on your left leg while crossing your right leg in front of you with your heel at about the level of your left knee. Do a side crunch in the same motion by lowering your left shoulder towards your hip and contracting your abs. Return to a normal standing position and repeat fifteen times with your right leg, followed by fifteen times with your left leg for one set.

5. Plank Heel Push

Start in a low elbow plank position, holding yourself up on your forearms and your toes. Keep your body in a straight line from your head to your heels. With abs fully contracted, bend your left knee so that your foot is kicking up and back towards your rear (the thigh should still be parallel to the ground). Flex your foot while squeezing your thighs and pressing your knees together. Then press your left foot straight up towards the ceiling, moving the left knee so that it's about six inches higher than your right. Bring your left leg back down, knee still bent, and squeeze your inner thighs again. Repeat this lift fifteen times with your left leg followed by fifteen with your right for a full set.

6. Rear Lunge Cross Crunch

Stand up straight with your feet together and your hands behind your head, elbows bent. Step backwards with your right leg into a rear lunge so both knees are bent at 90 degrees and your knee is just above the floor. As you lower, twist your upper body into a cross crunch so that your right elbow moves toward your left knee. Return to the starting position and repeat fifteen times on the same side, followed by fifteen times on the other side for a complete set.

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