Is This Normal? What To Expect When You Start Waist Training

Posted by hourglass angel on Jun 10th 2016

Is This Normal? What To Expect When You Start Waist Training

Is This Normal? What To Expect When You Start Waist Training

Posted by hourglass angel on Jun 10th 2016

What to expect: first impressions of waist training

We get a lot of feedback from our customers about our waist trainers, and one of the most common questions we hear is, “Is this normal?”

Waist training is best seen as a journey, and it might have a few surprises along the way! Based on what customers have told us, as well as our stylists' own experiences, here's what to expect as you begin your waist training journey – and how to fix some common issues.

The waist trainer is difficult to put on the first time. This can be frustrating and may make you wonder whether you ordered the right size. But don't worry; if it's snug, that means it's working! There's a bit of a technique to fastening it. Start by fastening from the bottom up, but holding it above your waistline. Pull the waist trainer down over your waist as you fasten each hook. It will be tight, but it shouldn't pinch or cause discomfort. (If it does, take it off and consider going up a size). Your body will become accustomed to it surprisingly fast, and pretty soon will feel more natural every time you put it on.

 It's easier to put on after you've worn it once. The first time is always intimidating. Don't worry. You'll quickly figure out how to put it on and the garment will start "breaking in" and feeling more comfortable on your body. 

You can only wear it for a few hours at a time to start with. We always recommend easing your way into waist training. Start out with just an hour or two a day. No need to overdo it, especially when your body is still getting accustomed to the garment. At about three weeks in you can start wearing it all day. If you need breaks, wear the garment twice a day for shorter intervals.

You will notice fast results. The slimming is instant – you'll notice that your waistline is dramatically smaller (sometimes up to 3 sizes smaller) as soon as you put on your waist trainer. What about long term? That's trickier to estimate, because results are different for everybody. But if you want to experience results even when you're not wearing the garment, our advice is to waist train consistently and supplement it with a consistent workout routine and healthy diet. 

You will be less likely to overeat. You may find that your stomach cannot expand as much when your waist is cinched, making uncomfortable to eat more than you really need. Rather than consolidating your eating into 2-3 big meals, we recommend eating 5–6 small meals a day, which is healthier for you anyway!

You'll wonder how you ever dressed without one. It's true! Aside from the awesome slimming, wearing a waist trainer is also a major confidence-booster. You'll look and feel so good, you won't be able to imagine any other way to get dressed!

We hope this answers your questions about starting waist training. Need more advice? We're here for you! As always, feel free to contact our customer service team if you ever have questions or concerns.

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