#NoExcuses: Waist Training Exercise Regimen

Posted by hourglass angel on Feb 23rd 2016

#NoExcuses: Waist Training Exercise Regimen

#NoExcuses: Waist Training Exercise Regimen

Posted by hourglass angel on Feb 23rd 2016

Waist training exercise tips from MizzFitGet Fit with Tips from MizzFit

Fess up, ladies. How are you 2016 fitness goals going?

If you're looking for an opportunity to jumpstart your waist training exercise regimen, we've got some great tips from popular fitness blogger Bianca Jade, a.k.a MizzFit.

Below, MizzFit provides a detailed demonstration of six different muscle-toning exercises that pair perfectly with a waist trainer and other recommended fitness apparel. If you're not sure what exercise you should be doing while wearing a waist trainer, these videos are extremely helpful.

Join the movement and get fit this year! Here are recaps of the six videos available:

Leg Lifts + Active Band Waist Trainer By Amia/Tight Ankle Legging By Lyssé

Engage your core and feel the heat as your shaper helps keep your back flat and maximizes the intensity of your leg lifts.

Bridge Pose + Faja Deportiva 3 Hook Workout Waist Trainer By Ann Chery

Do hip thrusts to work your core and your glutes; the waist trainer keeps your back flat and helps you sweat harder.

Plank Twists + Ultra Sweat Reversible Sport Thermal Shorts

By wearing compression shorts during this exercise, you'll be maximizing the thermal activity in your core, for more of that burning feeling as you twist.

Leg Extension Crunches + Fantastik Shaping Tank by Body Hush

This top is perfect for this leg extension bodyweight exercise because you'll stay cool and dry even while you sweat.

Oblique Hop Plank Hold + Leggings and Waist Trainer

With the waist training/leggings combo you'll keep good form and sweat hard while also feeling dry and comfortable.

Side Crunch Leg Lift + Waist Belt

You'll love the waist belt because it intensifies the heat and the perspiration in your core while helping you maintain good form during this core exercise.

We'd love to hear how your waist trainer exercises are going! Use #noexcuses and tag us to let us know on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.