Say Yes to the Perfect Wedding Dress for Your Body Type

Posted by hourglass angel on Apr 20th 2016

Say Yes to the Perfect Wedding Dress for Your Body Type

Say Yes to the Perfect Wedding Dress for Your Body Type

Posted by hourglass angel on Apr 20th 2016

If you're a bride-to-be, undoubtedly you're searching for THE DRESS. The perfect dress.

Don't stress! You can make your search a lot easier by knowing which styles are most flattering to your unique body type. We've got all the tips you need, plus which types of shapewear are a must-have for each style of dress.

Bustier or cincher

Body Type: Curvy on Bottom

Flattering dress type: A-line

Shapewear pairing: Bustier or cincher

You know you're curvy on bottom when you have a defined waistline and your hips are wider than your bust. In a wedding dress you really want to emphasize that waistline and choose a dress that flares over your hips. A bridal bustier or a waist cincher will pull in your waist dramatically and support your bust, giving you elegant balance in your figure.

Body Type: Shapely on Top

Flattering dress type: Modest scoop or V-neckline

Shapewear pairing: Bustier or longline bra

The mistake that a lot of busty women can make when shopping for a wedding dress is trying to conceal everything—which has the unintended effect of making your chest look bigger. Choose a scoop neck or modest V-neckline that shows a little bit of cleavage (but not too much) and opens up your face. When it comes to shapewear, bust support is key so choose a longline bra or bustier that provides a firm lift while cinching your waist.


Body Type: Hourglass

Flattering dress type: Mermaid

Shapewear pairing: Bodysuit

We'll bet you have fun trying on wedding dresses because you have a figure that you'll want to show off. A mermaid cut captures all of those gorgeous curves. Keep them in check with a body suit that pulls in the waist, lifts the bust and the butt, and keeps those hips and thighs smooth.

Body Type: Round

Flattering dress type: V-neck, textured A-line

Shapewear pairing: Cincher or corset

If you're a round body type, your midsection measures wider than your bust and hips so your main objective is to create a waist. When you shop for wedding dresses, select a style that cinches at the narrowest point of your waist and then flares into a gradual A shape. A V-neck will also draw eyes vertically instead of horizontally. Pick a fabric with texture like ruche or lace detailing, which will help camouflage your middle. Shapewear is also essential in creating that waistline—and a maximum control cincher or corset will work wonders in transforming your whole look.

Body Type: Straight

Flattering dress type: Sheath, low cut, backless

Shapewear pairing: Plunge bra, specialty backless thong, or open-bottom shaper

If you have a long and straight shape, you want to go for elegance. Choose a dress that drapes over your figure but is cut to emphasize curves—side seams, plunging neckline or backless and create this effect. Specialty shapewear designed for formal occasions like a plunging bra or backless shaper will smooth out your figure without exposing your undergarments.

Follow these guidelines and you're sure to pick a dress that is a perfect match for your figure. Congrats and enjoy this special time!