How Shapewear Works & What's Best For Your Body Type

Posted by by hourglass angel on Oct 30th 2015

How Shapewear Works & What's Best For Your Body Type

Posted by by hourglass angel on Oct 30th 2015

The Science of Shapewear

The science of shapewear

Whether you're new to shapewear or you've got a closet full of it, it's helpful to learn how these garments work. Quality shapewear is set apart from cheap off-the-rack underwear and hosiery. If you want to look your best, no matter what the occasion, we recommend knowing exactly what you're getting into.

Let's be clear about a couple of things: shapewear is not magical and will not change your body type or make you look like you've lost a ton of weight. It does enhance any body type, slim your figure, create curves and control problem areas – so you can look your most flattering, any day of the week. It's important to educate yourself on how shapewear works, so you know what to look for.

Here's the scoop behind how it all works and how you can find the best fit for you.

Shapewear construction

Shapers are knitted together in pieces. When cut and sewn, designers enhance curves in the perfect places and tuck in others. The material used is very important. Latex and spandex create a firm hold. In comparison, hosiery-style seamless knitting tends to flatten. While this can be desirable in same cases, most of the time you will have a better all-over effect with a garment constructed in pieces.

The fit matters

If you've ever experienced a muffin-top effect above or below a shapewear garment, it is not the piece for you! Some women mistakenly believe that they will look more flattering in a smaller size, when the opposite is true. It is extremely important to wear a garment that fits correctly in order to achieve the most flattering results.

Where it all goes

Wondering where the extra weight goes when you drop a size or two after putting on shapewear? When it fits properly, shapewear reshapes the softer parts of your body, so you will have curves in the more desirable places. Fat can be compressed against the firmer muscles, such as those in your abdomen and legs. Your waistline and/or thighs will appear to shrink, while areas like your bust and your rear will be enhanced.

Fit for body type

Body Shapes

Every body type is going to have different target areas when it comes to selecting the ideal shapewear. Whether you're plus size or petite, select the garments that are going to best enhance your shape:

  1. Round Figure

Your main objective with shapewear is to slim and define your waistline. We recommend a shaping panty or a waist cincher to help create more curves. You may also benefit from a bodysuit or body shapewear apparel that bring in the waist.

  1. Straight Figure

When choosing shapewear, your main focus is going to be defining your waist and creating curves, as well as smoothing your whole figure. Must-have items in your wardrobe include waist cinchers, slips, minimizers, and high-waisted shaping panties or shorts.

  1. Curvy on Bottom

You have naturally lovely curves so your focus should be smoothing them and emphasizing that enviable waistline. Try control slips and high-waisted shorts.

  1. Hourglass

You have the curves everyone wants, so your main priority is to make them smooth. A wide variety of shapewear will look good with your body type. You may enjoy the control you get from high-waisted shaping panties and shorts, shaping slips and bodysuits.

  1. Shapely on Top

Your body tends to be top-heavy, so your objective is to find balance. It starts with a great bra—you may even want a minimizing option. Anything that enhances your rear like shaping panties and leggings will help balance your curves.