Top-Rated Sheer Sculpting Shapewear

Posted by Hourglass Angel on Oct 16th 2019

Top-Rated Sheer Sculpting Shapewear

Posted by Hourglass Angel on Oct 16th 2019

When it comes to slimming and sculpting your figure, the last thing you want is to reveal your secret! That’s why if you’re wearing light, tight or otherwise revealing clothing, you’ll want to be sure that your shapewear is practically invisible.

At the same time, you don’t want to sacrifice function for form. Those control-top pantyhose you get at the drugstore might be lightweight and sheer, but they won’t get the job done.

It is possible to have lightweight, invisible shapewear that also effectively slims your figure. We’ve carefully curated and tested shapewear in every material and cut, and have put together a signature collection.

If you’re looking for lightweight but powerful shaping from your undergarments, be sure to check out our top-rated sheer sculpting shapewear.

Sheer Butt-Lifting Shapewear

One of the most common styles you’ll find in sheer shapewear is butt-lifting. That’s because you can effectively give your rear a full, round shape with an open-bottom design that enhances your natural features.

Perfect Thermal Pant by Co’Coon is a customer favorite and has earned a rating of five stars. Unlike other butt-lifting shapers, the hosiery weight of this shaper’s stretch fabric is a great balance of control and comfort, slimming without adding a lot of weight or increase in body temperature. A special weave in the legs of the garment provides additional thigh control and holds the garment in place. The open bottom design of this item creates a lifting effect that rounds the rear into a perfect shape.

Naomi & Nicole Firm Control Sheer Rear Lifting Capri Pant 747 is another option that feels barely there while demonstrating superior shaping power. This firm control butt-lifting pant liner is made with lightweight, sheer fabric for breathable comfort. There is a 2-ply center front panel for tummy control, one on the side back, and a single layer shaping panel that lifts and molds your backside.

Sheer Full Body Shapewear

If you want to take your shaper’s effectiveness to all of your target areas, a full-body shaper that focuses on all of your target areas will be the best choice. Body shapers are favorites underneath formalwear and for any special occasion.

The Moderate Control Full Body Shaper by Leonisa 012727, rated five stars by our customers, offers several benefits. This shaper smooths and slims your entire silhouette from your midsection to your legs. Extending below the calf, it uses flat laying seams that won’t show through if you have a sheer dress, shirt or slacks. A wide underbust band comfortably holds the garment in place and doesn’t dig in. Like our other butt-lifting shapers, it also features an open bottom, which creates a more flattering shape.

If you want a body shaper that will work with shorter dresses and skirts, High Waisted Thigh Shaper by Slim Me MSM-108 is another lightweight option that provides shaping and control from beneath the bust to mid-thigh. It is one of our favorite hosiery weight thigh shapers, providing easy, breathable trimming of the midsection, hips, and thighs. Giving firm but comfortable support, this is a shaper that is so soft and simple you can wear it with almost anything. Want to wear it with your favorite delicate fabric? Go ahead, as this garment is seamless and won’t show through.

Lightweight Slips

If you’re planning on wearing a dress, a shaping slip is a simple way to smooth and sculpt your figure without much weight and will hide easily beneath most styles.

The Slenderizer Lites Bra Slip with Underwire by Body Wrap #47200 is a must-have item in your wardrobe. This hosiery weight bra slip is ultra-light wearing but provides great moderate control and smoothing throughout the midsection and to the top of the thigh. This breathable material is a great option for long wear or daily wear when you want a light layer to even out little lumps and bumps. This shaper gently smooths and slims the back, hips and tops of thighs, reducing back bulge and muffin top in complete comfort.

The Naomi & Nicole Firm Control Bra Slip with Built-In Panty is another got-to option that is perfect to wear underneath gowns and short dresses. The firm control panty slip is a shaping strapless bra slip that trims the tummy and waist, lifts the rear, and sculpts the thighs. This multitasking undergarment targets specific areas all over your body while smoothing throughout. The contour bra is supported by under-wires and seamless, light foam padding for an even, rounded shape. The garment does not have any seams on the sides and uses a silicone band at the inner hem to keep the slip in place. There isn't any boning, additional lining, or panels, so it remains invisible no matter what you’re wearing over the top.

Sheer Corsets

Corsets and waist trainers aren’t typically considered “lightweight” or sheer, but nothing gets sheerer than mesh! These corsets provide powerful sculpting at the waist but are the most breathable shapewear you can get.

The Underbust Waspie Mesh Corset by Hourglass Angel HA201 has a five-star review from our customers. Our mesh waspie corset is the perfect solution for creating hourglass curves under your close-fitting dresses, skirts and other styles. It enhances your figure with powerful slimming around your midsection, helping to visibly shrink your waistline while you wear it and solve those pesky trouble areas. The underbust design gently lifts your bust, making it look fuller.

This garment’s sister, the Underbust Mesh Corset by Hourglass Angel HA206, does the same thing but provides more coverage. The full-length design of our mesh corset provides powerful slimming for your entire midsection, including part of your hips. It hugs your bustline, providing a natural, flattering enhancement. The extra hip coverage helps to smooth bulges around your waistline. The high back covers up pesky back bulge. You'll love how this corset looks, whether you wear it uncovered around the house or hidden underneath your favorite dresses, shirts and other apparel.

When it comes to sheer sculpting shapewear, we’ve got the selection that provides shaping power and is still lightweight and invisible. Be sure to check out our store; if you have any questions, just ask!