Waist Training 101: Which Fabric Is Best?

Posted by hourglass angel on Jun 19th 2016

Waist Training 101: Which Fabric Is Best?

Waist Training 101: Which Fabric Is Best?

Posted by hourglass angel on Jun 19th 2016

The ideal fabrics for waist trainers

Not every waist trainer is made alike. Some of the more obvious variations include style, size and color. One of the less obvious variations is the type of fabric used, but this factor can make a big difference in your waist training experience.

Wondering which fabric is best for you? Here are the differences.

Metallic Edition Waist Cincher 3-Hook By Ann Chery 2045 Classic Waist Cincher By Amia

Latex: Most high-quality waist trainers, also called cinchers, are infused with this stretchy but firm material. The reason is that latex is pretty unbeatable as far as the amount of compression it provides and its durability. If you take care of your latex waist trainer (clean but don’t put it in the washing machine!), it will maintain its high-performance structure for many months of everyday wear.

Compression Cotton Shaping Vest By Flakisima FLK782 Firm Control Cotton Waist Cincher By Flakisima

Cotton: Some cinchers use a higher percentage of cotton in their construction for a softer, cooler feel – particularly in the exterior lining. This can be more comfortable to wear in warm climates. The Compression Cotton Shaping Vest By Flakisima has a lightweight feel but still contains a latex interior for maximum compression.

Curvaceous Advanced Waist Training Cincher By TrueShapers 1052 Max Fashion Workout Waist Training Cincher By TrueShapers 1062

Latex-Free Blend: Currently we carry a line of waist trainers called True Shapers that are 100% latex-free yet are extremely effective at providing firm compression for the best waist training results. The hypoallergenic design feels lightweight and wicks away moisture. This is our recommended solution for anyone who has a latex sensitivity or for women who simply want to experiment with various styles of waist trainers to find their favorite.

Defining Moment No Closure Waist Cincher By Leonisa 18450MSculpt ActivWear Belt By Shape And Slim

Seamless Design: This is a very important feature if you are planning on wearing your waist trainer under any thin fabrics that might reveal your slimming secret! Choose a seamless design for an invisible finish.


Steel-Boned Corsets: Classic corsets differ quite a bit from modern corsets—for starters, they are reinforced with steel! The boning is what provides the firm shape, while ribbons pull them tight in the back. Corsets are not typically constructed with latex. The materials are usually satin, polyester or cotton. Cotton can feel a bit cooler on the skin than the other fabrics. Corsets are very beautiful and can last longer than latex cinchers, but some are also a bit pricier.

Still not sure which is right for you? Let's chat! Our shapewear stylists will be happy to go over these options with you to help determine the right style for your body and goals.