Waist Training Do's and Don'ts

Posted by hourglass angel on Nov 10th 2014

Waist Training Do's and Don'ts

Waist Training Do's and Don'ts

Posted by hourglass angel on Nov 10th 2014

Dos and Donts of Waist Training Dos and Donts of Waist Training

How To Start Waist Training Safely and Effectively to Shrink Your Waistline

You've probably heard of the waist training trend by now; gorgeous celebrities like Jessica Alba and Kim Kardashian proudly swear by it. Jessica Alba revealed she used a waist-training corset for 3 months after pregnancy to trim off her baby weight. Kim Kardashian admitted she's "obsessed" with waist training and showed off her own shaper on Instagram.

But does it really work? Is it safe? Before beginning any waist-training regimen, it's important to first gain an understanding what waist training is, what results to expect, and how to wear the garments properly.

Waist training can be beneficial to many people. You can reference the hundreds of reviews on our most popular waist trainer, the Cincher by Amia. The key to the best results is to do it consistently. Results will vary depending on your body as well as your dedication to the practice. Note that changes you see in your waistline, which can be dramatic, won't be permanent if you stop wearing your waist trainer. However, if you use a waist trainer to complement a healthy diet and exercise, you may see more lasting results.

As far as safety is concerned, the science behind modern waist training is similar to sauna suits, which athletes use to sweat off extra weight. The latex in cinchers boosts thermal activity and increases perspiration. Like any fitness regimen, the main safety concern is to stay hydrated and listen to your body's cues.

Follow these tips in order to safely enjoy the benefits of a waist training regimen!

Waist Training Dos

Do start out slowly and work your way up. You might feel very restricted at first, so wear your waist trainer for a few hours at a time every day.

Do add more time wearing your waist trainer as you start to feel more comfortable. Ultimately you'll want to be wearing it at least eight hours a day.

Do be dedicated. If you want the most impressive results, commit to waist training daily for a few months.

Do use a garment that fits! Use our sizing chart to determine what size you need for the best results.

Do workout your core muscles if you want the best results. Some waist trainers are even designed for exercising in so you can maximize your workout's effectiveness.

Do eat nutritious food in small portions. With the help of your waist trainer, you'll become fuller faster and with less.

Do listen to your body. If you're feeling uncomfortable, take your waist trainer off.

Do stay hydrated.

Waist Training Don'ts

Don't continue wearing your waist trainer if you experience any numbness.

Don't continue wearing your waist trainer if you have sharpness of breath.

Don't continue wearing your waist trainer if you experience sharp stomach pains.

Don't continue wearing your waist trainer if you feel any pinching.

Are you ready to try out what everyone is raving about? Choose from our wide selection of waist trainers to find your waistline's new best friend.