Waist Training Essentials: Products That Enhance Your Waist Training Experience

Posted by hourglass angel on Apr 9th 2017

Waist Training Essentials: Products That Enhance Your Waist Training Experience

Waist Training Essentials: Products That Enhance Your Waist Training Experience

Posted by hourglass angel on Apr 9th 2017

How to get the best waist training results

When you just get started with waist training, you’ll quickly find that the journey is about way more than “just” putting on a waist trainer and being good to go. It’s not magic, after all; to get the best results there are definitely some strategies to follow. But don’t worry; they’re not complicated or difficult.

In order to make your waist training journey a success, we’ve got products that are designed to enhance your experience. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro waist trainer, these products and related tips are for anyone who wants to take their waist training to the next level.

Waist Trainer Detergent

Waist trainers are powerful and effective at slimming your waistline because they are constructed with maximum compression latex. But while the latex is very strong when it comes to compression strength, it is also very delicate if not handled properly or cared for in the long term. This gentle waist trainer detergent takes all the guesswork out of taking care of your garment and ensures that it will last longer before losing its elasticity.

Lusciously scented with lavender, it leaves your waist trainer fresh and clean (which you’ll want, because let’s face it, waist trainers get sweaty!). It also contains lanolin, a gentle but effective oil that will provide additional protection to your waist trainer while it’s in use. Using the detergent is easy; simply add half an ounce to a bucket of warm water and hand wash your garment. Hang the waist trainer over a hanger or chair and you’re good to go. And there’s a little bonus: this detergent also works in cold water for your other intimate garments and shapewear.

Waist Training Gel

When you’ve got a waist trainer compressing your midsection around the clock and you’re working up a sweat, the last thing you want to neglect is your skin! That’s why we offer this specially formulated skin-smoothing gel that is ideal for use with a daily waist training regimen.

Formulated with extracts of Catuaba bark, Pfaffia (Brazilian ginseng), Mara Puama flowers, and a synthesis of caffeine and fat burning lipolytic enzymes, it packs a powerful punch when it comes to reducing the appearance of cellulite and loose skin.  This can be especially helpful when you’re trying to lose weight. The gel also helps your skin retain moisture while stimulating microcirculation, adding to the thermal activity in your core provided by the waist trainer, for an optimal experience.

To use, put it directly on the skin daily, ideally just after you get out of the shower or bath. Then watch it work with a daily waist training regimen, ideally with a nutritious diet, exercise and adequate water intake.

Ultimate Waist Training Kit

Why not just have it all? We’ve bundled the essentials you need for a successful waist training experience (in addition to your waist trainer, of course) into this handy little kit! Our Ultimate Waist Training Kit comes with the gel and detergent mentioned above, as well as:

1) Garment bag: Have you considered that you might need to travel with your waist trainer? You’ll want to be sure that you’re packing it in a separate bag so that it won’t get any tears or snags, or have anything spill on it. This drawstring bag is an ideal accessory that slips easily inside your gym bag or travel bag, or you can just carry it alone when needed.

2) Measuring tape: One important component of a successful waist training journey is tracking your progress! This soft vinyl tape is durable and will provide reliable measurements. For the most accurate read, pull it around the narrowest part of your waist while keeping it level to the floor. It should be snug but not so tight that you can’t easily slip a finger underneath. Wear your waist trainer regularly and watch that measurement go steadily down! You might also be curious to see how many inches your waist trainer takes off your waistline immediately after you put it on.

3) Waist training guide: This is a handy little stylist that you can fit in your purse, offered exclusively in this waist training kit. Get all of your waist training questions answered, including how to put your waist trainer on, how to start an ongoing regimen, what results to expect, and how to properly care for your garment.

Garment Pairings

In addition to these essential products, one of the best accessories to a waist trainer is…a second waist trainer. If you’re serious about waist training, you’ll quickly find that you’ll want at least two garments to rotate through your wardrobe.

The main reason why you’d want more than one is for maximum effectiveness. Your waist trainer needs to rest and be washed so that the latex can contract and maintain its elasticity. Wearing just one garment all day every day won’t allow you to give you much time to do that. What’s more, you might prefer different colors and styles depending on what you’re wearing.

Here are a couple of options to consider in your waist training wardrobe:

  • Everyday waist cincher: this will be your go-to waist trainer most of the time, as it will be easiest to conceal under most clothing and is designed for all-day use.
  • Workout band: you’ll definitely want one of these as part of your fitness routine. Designed with extra durability and a slightly different cut to allow more freedom of movement, a workout waist band will help you work up a harder sweat and intensify your workouts.
  • Steel-boned corset: some people love the waist training results they get from a corset. This is a durable, latex-free style of garment that will dramatically slim your waistline because of the custom fit you get from tightening the laces as well as the strength of the steel boning. Some corsets also double as very sexy and stylish outerwear.

As you can see, waist training involves a whole lot more than simply throwing on a cincher, crossing your fingers and hoping it works. We hope you’ll check out all the options available to give you the best experience possible.