What Exactly Is a Waist Trainer?

Posted by hourglass angel on Aug 19th 2016

What Exactly Is a Waist Trainer?

What Exactly Is a Waist Trainer?

Posted by hourglass angel on Aug 19th 2016

What is a waist trainer, anyway?

By now, you’ve probably heard or seen this fashion trend that celebs and everyday moms are all falling in love with: waist training. If this practice is new to you, you’re likely wondering how it all works.

The basic idea is this: wearing a waist trainer is a simple way to slim your waistline and create dramatic hourglass curves—instantly. Not only that, but many waist trainers also stimulate heat in your core and increase perspiration during physical activity. So it's a great way to supplement a healthy diet and fitness plan.

Generally speaking, the term "waist trainer" is used to describe any garment that is designed to provide firm compression around your midsection with this fitness goal in mind – but we'll dig further into the materials and other features below.

For the best results, a waist trainer should be worn daily for 8–12 hours. Most people start out wearing one for an hour or two a day and gradually increase the length of time they have one on (usually the adjustment period takes a couple of weeks). Many people also use waist trainers to optimize their workouts—either exclusively or as part of a dedicated waist training regimen.

There are MANY waist trainers to choose from, so you may be wondering, "Where do I begin?" Here are some different qualities to look for to customize your personal waist training experience.


If you are an average-sized woman between about 5’2” and 5’8”, most standard waist trainers will fit your waist just fine. If you’re much taller than that (and you probably know if you have a long torso), you will want to choose a waist trainer designed to give you more coverage on your lower abdomen.

If you’re much shorter than that, you may find that a waist trainer with a shorter design fits better. See here for more suggestions based on torso length.


Some waist trainers vary slightly in the amount of compression they provide. If you’re more interested in having a smooth midsection and not necessarily dramatic slimming, you may prefer a lighter compression garment.

For the most dramatic slimming results, choose a maximum compression waist trainer or a steel-boned corset.


Most of our waist trainers are constructed with latex because this is a durable material that provides firm compression. Recently we added a high-quality latex-free line called TrueShapers, which is ideal if you have sensitivity to latex.

Steel-boned corsets are made with satin or satin-like fabric for a luxurious feel. Most waist trainers are lined with cotton for a soft touch against the skin.


Waist trainers are either designed for everyday use or for workouts. (If you plan to wear them every day, we recommend rotating two or more waist trainers throughout the week, so that you're not wearing the same garment daily.)

Workout waist trainers are durably constructed and can handle heavy sweating and vigorous movement. Everyday waist trainers and corsets are designed for all-day wear with normal activities.


This is the fun part! Several waist trainers come in different patterns and colors! Those brightly colored options are typically workout waist trainers, which are fun to show off at the gym and elsewhere.

Waist trainers that come in nude or black with a more subtle design are ideal for wearing discreetly under your clothes.