What Makes Butt-Lifting Jeans Better — Hourglass Angel

Posted by hourglass angel on Apr 12th 2016

What Makes Butt-Lifting Jeans Better — Hourglass Angel

What Makes Butt-Lifting Jeans Better — Hourglass Angel

Posted by hourglass angel on Apr 12th 2016

How butt-lifting jeans work
What's the difference between butt-lifting jeans and regular jeans?

You've probably heard the buzz about butt-lifting denim, but perhaps you're wondering about what the big deal is. How are they different from regular jeans? Can they make your butt look that much fuller and rounder?

The answer is yes!

Whether you have an already curvy bottom or you need some shaping helping, butt-lifting jeans make a huge difference, especially when compared to heavy, straight denim. Don't fall victim to "mom jeans" or worn-out denim; you can look hot for any event in this miraculous denim innovation.

Still need convincing? Here's why butt-lifting denim is better:

Innovative seaming

Most traditional jeans have a flat seam above the rear. But butt-lifting jeans use a heart-shaped seam across the back to emphasize a round bubble look. So your butt can look fuller without any effort on your part. This seaming actually lifts and sculpts your bottom, making it look firmer, fuller and perkier.

Small, angled pockets

This is a simple detail that goes a long way. When you have smaller pockets sitting on the fullest part, the natural curves of your butt are going to look bigger, naturally. And when they're angled slightly inward, they create an illusion of fullness. The pockets on regular jeans can actually contribute to your bottom looking flat or saggy – who needs that?

Stretch cotton denim

For a truly sexy look, your jeans should cling to your rear. It doesn't work well with heavy denim, nor is it very comfortable. Stretch denim hugs your butt and emphasizes your curves, while allowing more free movement.

Flashy detailing

Tasteful studs, strategically placed stitching and other embellishments help draw attention to the most flattering places on the upper part of your butt. These accents make the jeans chic and on-trend, but they also help to flatter your fanny.

Strategic fading

Fading on the rear will draw attention to your curves in all the right places.

Once you try butt-lifting denim, the difference is obvious, especially compared with jeans that are worn out, sagging and simply not designed to flatter your backside. For the latest in butt-lifting innovation, we recommend that you check out Amia's new line of lift-and-sculpt jeans. You're going to love your new butt!