When to Get a Smaller Waist Trainer

Posted by hourglass angel on Jun 17th 2016

When to Get a Smaller Waist Trainer

When to Get a Smaller Waist Trainer

Posted by hourglass angel on Jun 17th 2016

How to know when to get a smaller waist trainer size

4 Signs It’s Time To Size Down Your Waist Trainer

So, you started waist training…and it’s working! Perhaps you’ve also been losing weight and your waist trainer isn’t feeling as snug as it did when you first started. So the question is…when are you ready to size down?

First, you should know that the waist trainer is going to fit better with time—even after the first time you wear it. Part of the reason might be because your waist is naturally slimming down. But you are also breaking in the garment as your body becomes accustomed to it over time.

You don’t want to size down too soon because one of the most important factors in waist training is using a cincher that fits correctly. If yours is too small, it will not give you desirable (or comfortable results). On the other hand, a waist trainer that is too loose won’t give you the maximum benefits.

So how do you know that you’re ready? Here are the signs.

  1. The cincher isn’t as tight.

If your garment is on the tightest fit and it just doesn’t feel as tight as it used to, it’s probably time. When you’re wearing it day after day with ease, or if the cincher is sliding around at all, it’s probably too big. It should be snug.

  1. You don’t feel the compression.

One of the ways waist training works is by making you sweat more around your midsection because of the compression. If you’re not feeling the heat, it’s not working the way it should.

  1. You don’t feel the support.

Are you able to slouch? You shouldn’t in a waist trainer that fits. Any time you’re wearing it, you should feel like your posture is straight and tall.

  1. There’s a visible difference in your figure.

You’ll notice big-time when your figure has changed drastically enough for you to order a smaller size. Not only will the waist trainer be loose, but your clothes will be too.

If you think it’s time, the sure-fire way to know is to simply take your waist measurement and check out our sizing chart! If you’re on the fence between two sizes, we recommend wearing the larger size for just a little longer. But if you’re comfortable within the smaller size range, go for it!