Your Waist Trainer & Cincher Sizing Q&A—Hourglass Angel

Posted by hourglass angel on Mar 16th 2016

Your Waist Trainer & Cincher Sizing Q&A—Hourglass Angel

Your Waist Trainer & Cincher Sizing Q&A—Hourglass Angel

Posted by hourglass angel on Mar 16th 2016

Waist cincher sizing Q&A

A Q&A on Waist Trainer and Cincher Sizing

Here at Hourglass Angel, waist trainers continue to be one of our most popular items. We also get a lot of questions—like what waist trainer size our customers should order. Waist cincher sizing might seem tricky at first, but it's easy once you know what to look for. We’ve put together this simple Q&A to help you find the right garment for your body:

  1. What size should I buy?

Shapewear sizing is not equivalent to standard garment sizing, which is why it is important to refer to the size chart of each product. Use our Shapewear Size Guide to see the right way to take your measurements and find your size for various types of garments. Be sure to also double-check the size chart viewable on every product page.

  1. How do I take my measurements?

For most garments you just need three measurements: your bust, waist and hips. For waist trainers, the waist is the most important measurement. To take measurements, use fabric or vinyl measuring tape and make sure that it is parallel to the ground (e.g. no sliding up or sagging anywhere). For the bust, measure around the fullest part. For the waist, measure two inches above the belly button. For the hips, measure around the fullest part. See here for more detailed instructions.

  1. What if I plan on losing weight?

Our shapewear is designed for precision fit, which is why it is important to choose the size that fits you now; if it is too small, it will not fit in a comfortable or flattering way. Waist cinchers are designed with hook-and-eye columns in two to three different rows, so that when you size down, you can tighten them. If the garment is eventually too big, reward yourself and get the smaller size! It means that it was working!

  1. What if I am between sizes?

Remember that with waist trainer size as well as for shapewear in general, it is better to go a little too big rather than too small. If you're in between sizes, the larger garment will still fit snugly—remember that most cinchers allow you to adjust them to the ideal row of hook-and-eye closures.

  1. Do you have plus-size cinchers?

Yes! See our collection of plus-size cinchers and shapewear here.

  1. I've got more sizing questions, who can I talk to?

First, remember to check our Size Chart & Measuring Instructions to find your size for different types of garments. If you still have questions, just give us a call! Contact our Customer Care Department at (877) 442-4530 or email – we're happy to help!