Butt-Lifting Leggings with Leather Sides by Bon Bon Up 1056


These butt-lifting leggings with leather provide moderate compression, a firm, yet comfortable hold and slimming appearance.

Accentuate your derriere with these sexy and supremely comfortable butt-lifting leggings from Bon Bon Up. Designed to lift and shape your buttocks, these leather sided leggings enhance your natural beauty while providing a comfortable go-to layer for working out, jogging, running errands or lounging. Like other leggings from Bon Bon Up, this innovative garment works like an abdominal girdle or faja, helping to hide the belly as it gives your bottom a rounder, fuller look – you're going to love how you look in the mirror! But unlike other styles, Bon Bon Up designed these leggings with leather sides for a chic, edgy look that stands out at the gym without being too flashy.

A great addition to your workout wardrobe, the Bon Bon Up Black Leggings with Leather Sides also feature thermal reduction technology in the fabric to help keep you cooler and drier when exercising. But you don't need to be a "gym rat" to make the most of these leggings: with their fashionable, close-fitting design and boost to your rear, these leggings are great to wear almost anytime.


  • Butt-lifting leggings comfortably lift your backside to accentuate your rear
  • Gives your buttocks more shape and volume while wearing the leggings
  • Thermal reduction technology in the fabric helps keep you cool when working out



  • Black leggings
  • Leather sides


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